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Composing is for everyone

by Anu AholaPublished 13 Apr 2017

Give some get some

Columns by Olli VirtaperkoPublished 01 Oct 2015

Reaching for a composer’s career

by Merja HottinenPublished 29 Sep 2015

Finnish nature and dazzling sun

by Jaani LänsiöPublished 12 Jan 2013

The tone of the north in music

Columns by Tapio TuomelaPublished 16 Jun 2011

Kalevi Aho: “Music must communicate”

by Juha TorvinenPublished 15 Mar 2009

Going strong, going forward

by Takemi SosaPublished 16 Dec 2008

The String Quartet and a smell of warm buns

by Jouni KaipainenPublished 15 Mar 2006

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