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Avanti! at 30 – still forging ahead

by Antti HäyrynenPublished 02 Dec 2013

Guitarist, catalyst

by Juha TorvinenPublished 18 Sep 2013

Elitist, yuck?!

Published 07 Jun 2013

Monday night fever

by Merja HottinenPublished 15 Mar 2012

The tone of the north in music

Columns by Tapio TuomelaPublished 16 Jun 2011

Kalevi Aho: “Music must communicate”

by Juha TorvinenPublished 15 Mar 2009

The String Quartet and a smell of warm buns

by Jouni KaipainenPublished 15 Mar 2006

Sermilä “the All-rounder”

by Anu KarlsonPublished 01 Mar 2001

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