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On Nordic collaboration

Columns by Olli VirtaperkoPublished 31 Oct 2018

Music industry and climate change - it's time to act!

by Riikka HiltunenPublished 25 Oct 2018

The Tampere Biennale newer than ever

by Merja HottinenPublished 06 Apr 2018

The many shades of noise

by Anna PulkkisPublished 02 Nov 2017

Gatecrashing the Nordic Music Days

Reviews by Andrew MellorPublished 05 Oct 2017

Festivals with a personal touch

Reviews by Merja HottinenPublished 31 Jan 2017

New start for Musica nova

by Andrew MellorPublished 17 Jan 2017

Nature’s concert halls

by Heidi HorilaPublished 07 Oct 2016

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