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The kantele – not exclusively Finnish

by Tove DjupsjöbackaPublished 29 May 2017

Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha

Reviews by Ton MaasPublished 11 May 2017

Frigg - Live at De Doelen, Rotterdam

Reviews by Ton MaasPublished 07 Mar 2017

Collective resonance

by Merja HottinenPublished 07 Oct 2016

Conquering the tradition

by Amanda KaurannePublished 07 Oct 2016

Poignant, witty, thoughtful

Reviews by Fiona TalkingtonPublished 06 Oct 2016

A true sound garden

Reviews by Tove DjupsjöbackaPublished 06 Oct 2016

Pillar of the Finnish folk music community

Reviews by Amanda KaurannePublished 06 Oct 2016

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