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Too many words, too little music

Reviews by Liisamaija HautsaloPublished 22 Mar 2018

Talking of stalking

Columns by Sini MononenPublished 15 Feb 2018

Autumn Sonata - between the real and the unreal

by Merja HottinenPublished 04 Sep 2017

Princess Cecilia - Charmingly eclectic

Reviews by Hanna IsolammiPublished 24 Aug 2017

Terrorist threats and wry humour

Reviews by Harri KuusisaariPublished 06 Apr 2017

Free the Kalevala from Finnishness!

Columns by Kimmo HakolaPublished 28 Feb 2017

Deep in sound, deep in soul

by Liisamaija HautsaloPublished 07 Oct 2016

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