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The poet of the opera

by Matti TuomistoPublished 19 Sep 2014

Reality opera for Generation Y

by Jaani LänsiöPublished 18 Sep 2013

Tales on stage

by Antti HäyrynenPublished 15 Sep 2011

Selim Palmgren – A Finnish cosmopolite

by Kimmo KorhonenPublished 15 Mar 2009

Librettists in tune with the times

by Kimmo KorhonenPublished 01 Jun 2008

Grassroots opera is all shook up

by Harri KuusisaariPublished 01 Jun 2008

Olli Kortekangas composes a celebratory opera

by Samuli TiikkajaPublished 01 Jun 2007

Tauno Marttinen - Composer of intuition and inspiration

by Juha TorvinenPublished 15 Mar 2002

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