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Romantic tones with Impressionist leanings

Reviews by Mats LiljeroosPublished 16 Nov 2017

Coherent kaleidoscopes

Reviews by Martin AndersonPublished 16 Nov 2017

The many shades of noise

by Anna PulkkisPublished 02 Nov 2017

Insightful and intense Liszt and Schubert

Reviews by Mats LiljeroosPublished 17 May 2017

Sibelius’s piano works by Mertanen

Reviews by Martin AndersonPublished 08 Dec 2015

Music competitions – why?

by Matti RaekallioPublished 12 Jun 2012

Young Beethoven champion, Antti Siirala

by Ainomaija PennanenPublished 01 Dec 1998

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