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Change is the only constant

by Petri Silas

"Oddarrang remain champions of dark and haunting instrumental music. Don’t miss them.​"

Research and development. These words summarize Oddarrang perhaps better than any others. The feeling of flux and going ever forward has been part of the team’s DNA ever since its inception in 2006. Founded by drummer Olavi Louhivuori and complemented by trombonist Ilmari Pohjola, bass player Lasse Lindgren and cellist Osmo Ikonen, all of whom also handle synth duties, and guitarist Lasse Sakara, the band has toured extensively all over the globe and released four albums so far.

Dealing in seductive soundscapes that veer from vintage ambient to delicious post-rock to limpid Americana to electronica-laced chamber music and beyond, Oddarrang’s closest counterparts are still such mainly instrumental groups like Sigur Rós and Tortoise. And with tracks like Ohlop, Umi and especially 15 Years they are ready to give the giants of the scene a run for their money.

Hypermetros revolves around Lindgren’s poignant and sombre Trichordon, dedicated to Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Post-modern in spirit, this fivesome is very much of the time and the years spent together are now paying dividends - even though all the band members are busy in their own right and must approach Oddarrang only periodically. Nevertheless, everyone bringing influences in from other projects also contributes to the sound staying so vivid and the overall feel and action so mobile. 

Oddarrang remain champions of dark and haunting instrumental music. Don’t miss them.

ODDARRANG: Hypermetros 
Edition Records EDN1135