Der Wanderer (on Ville Matvejeff) :: HANNA ISOLAMMI
Finland's love affair with melancholy Russian melodies :: TERO HEINÄNEN
Helsinki - St Petersburg, Allegro con spirito (on Finnish-Russian pop and rock collaboration and the Tusovka Association) :: RIIKKA HILTUNEN
Picture this! (on the import and export of rock and pop music between Finland and Russia) :: GREG GOLDENZWAIG
A map of personal relations (on contemporary music contacts between Finland and Russia) :: MERJA HOTTINEN
Taking Note: Borderland riches and explorers' instincts :: ELINA KAHLA
Music research looks east :: ANU AHOLA & JAANI LÄNSIÖ
Passion against rule(r)s (on Heli Reimann's doctorate on jazz in Soviet Estonia) :: JAANI LÄNSIÖ
Shared roots (on Baltic Finnish influences in contemporary folk music) :: AMANDA KAURANNE
Similar but different (on being a composer in Finland and Estonia) :: MÄRT-MATIS LILL
Finland and Estonia - Brothers in music :: JANNE FLINKKILÄ
Notes & Letters: Borderline sounds :: SAMI KLEMOLA
Music of the Finnish Romani: roaming and singing :: TOVE DJUPSJÖBACKA
Learn music around the clock (on Perttu Pölönen's Musiclock) :: HEIDI HORILA
Factors of democracy in the music education of the future (on the Resonaari Special Music Centre and ArtsEqual research project) :: TUULIKKI LAES

Autumn 2016 CULTURE - NATURE

Beyond genre (on Olavi Louhivuori) :: WIF STENGER
The voice of freedom (on Outi Tarkiainen) :: ANDREW MELLOR
Collective resonance (on Nathan Riki Thomson) :: MERJA HOTTINEN
Spaces and pigeonholes (on Susanna Mälkki) :: HANNA ISOLAMMI
The north in music :: ANDREW MELLOR
Natural born preachers (on Radiopuhelimet) :: JANNE FLINKKILÄ
10 Finnish songs about and inspired by nature :: MATTI NIVES
Taking note: Naturally good music :: JUHA TORVINEN
Nature's concert halls (on the force of nature in Finnish music events) :: HEIDI HORILA
Music in our nature (on recent genetic and brain research on music) :: HANNA ISOLAMMI
About art and money - and the "special relationship Finns have with nature" :: TAINA RIIKONEN
Music for cows and wolves (on folk wind instruments) :: TOVE DJUPSJÖBACKA
Are we really still talking about this? (on female gender in contemporary music) :: ANNA PULKKIS
Notes & Letters: From second class citizenship to the conductor's podium :: KREETA-MARIA KENTALA
Conquering the tradition (on female folk musicians) :: AMANDA KAURANNE
Einojuhani Rautavaara in memoriam :: KALEVI AHO


3-4/2015 MUSIC & MONEY

Spells, blood and bliss (on Pekko Käppi) :: RIIKKA HILTUNEN
Paying the piper (on incomes of artists and composers) :: MERJA HOTTINEN
Musicians talk about money (Interviews with Verneri Pohjola, Suvi Oskala, Sebastian Hilli, Kaija Kärkinen and Helena Juntunen) :: MERJA HOTTINEN & AMANDA KAURANNE
Taking Note: How to fund a festival startup :: MATTI NIVES
W(h)ither arts support? (on the Finnish arts subsidy system) :: HANNA ISOLAMMI
Give some get some :: OLLI VIRTAPERKO
Taking musicals seriously :: TOVE DJUPSJÖBACKA
Economy stalls – music export grows :: RIIKKA HILTUNEN
Finding and financing an instrument (on Tomas Djupsjöbacka and instruments as investments) :: ELINA ROMS
The hidden market of second-hand vinyl :: MATTI NIVES
Notes & Letters: Blues owes me money :: ERJA LYYTINEN
Composing, music and society at large :: JUHA TORVINEN
UMO stands the test of time (on UMO Jazz Orchestra celebrating its 40th anniversary) :: PETRI SILAS


The freedom of song (on Soile Isokoski) :: HANNA ISOLAMMI
“Utterly Finnish, peculiarly original” (on the birth of 'Finnish' musical language) :: OLLI HEIKKINEN
A visit from Mr Composer (on what happened when Jean Sibelius and Larin Paraske met) :: ILONA KORHONEN
The responsibility of an artist (on Sibelius as political figure)  :: VEIJO MURTOMÄKI
Patriotic soundtracks (on Sibelius’s music in propaganda and educational films) :: KAARINA KILPIÖ
Paths for the Sibelius tourist (on Sibelius sights) :: TOVE DJUPSJÖBACKA
Taking note: Content with content :: LOTTA WENNÄKOSKI
“Struggling artist like the rest of us” (on Sibelius viewed from outside the classical music tradition) :: ANDREW MELLOR
Sibelius’s music in focus (on recent Sibelius research) :: ANNA PULKKIS, TUIJA WICKLUND & SAKARI YLIVUORI
Does Finland need a new Sibelius? (on how to be happy musically) :: TOMI MÄKELÄ
Art comes first (on the present and future of the Sibelius Academy) :: AMANDA KAURANNE
Notes & Letters: The unbearable lightness of uncertainty :: JUSSI FREDRIKSSON
Broader perspectives in teaching music (on distance-learning projects for children) :: ELINA ROMS
Augmented music (on Finnish combinations of music and new media) :: HEIDI HORILA



The maestro who recomposed his life (on Esa-Pekka Salonen):: VESA SIRÉN
FMQ 30 years - reflections, insight and firm faith :: SUSANNA VÄLIMÄKI
By the metre (on Kalevalaic runo singing metre) :: AMANDA KAURANNE
Singing your place in the world (on Selma Vilhunen's film Laulu) :: SINI MONONEN
Everyone really is a critic (on music criticism in Finland) :: MERJA HOTTINEN
Taking note: The path of Orpheus: Music, literature and writing about music :: LAURA WAHLFORS
Art for the ear (on performing poetry) :: ALEKSIS SALUSJÄRVI
Rap's many tongues (on Redrama, Amoc and others) :: TOVE DJUPSJÖBACKA
Extreme stories (on Finnish rock lyricists) :: PETRI SILAS
Notes & Letters: A wonderworld of quarter-tones :: SAMPO HAAPAMÄKI
Believing in opera (on the National Opera & Lilli Paasikivi) :: ANDREW MELLOR
The poet of the opera (on librettist Maritza Nuñez) :: MATTI TUOMISTO
Up the Scales: Cultural archetypes 101 :: ARTTU TOLONEN


A genre unto themselves (on Eicca Toppinen) :: PETRI SILAS
Finnish music – music in Finland (on transnational research projects) :: TOVE DJUPSJÖBACKA & RIIKKA HILTUNEN
Universal, national or Germanised? :: VESA KURKELA
Homo musicus (on genetic basis of musical aptitude) :: JAANI LÄNSIÖ & ANU AHOLA
Iron Age jingling (on Recent Finnish archaeological findings)  :: RIITTA RAINIO
Taking note: Musicology and humanities research in Finland in the digital age :: JOHN RICHARDSON
How does society sound in music? (on SUMU research project) ::  SINI MONONEN
Seeking the shape of music (on music analysis research) :: JARKKO HARTIKAINEN
The art of playing records (on DJ culture in Finland) :: ARTTU TOLONEN
Up the Scales: Refreshingly hard and gruff (on Black Motor)  :: PETRI SILAS


It’s fun at the top (on Pekka Kuusisto) :: KAROLIINA VESA
Reaching out to new audiences (on ExClaM! cultural cooperative and the New Audiences project) :: JAANI LÄNSIÖ
Changing listening habits (on the record industry in Finland) :: MERJA HOTTINEN
Taking note: Art music and digital media: a love-hate relationship :: JARI MUIKKU
New avenues to popularity (on Lieminen, Anssi kela and Kaiku Studios) :: ILKKA MATTILA
Game notes (on music in computer games) :: JUUSO JANHUNEN
Tampere Biennale – sights and sounds :: AARNE TOIVONEN
Turku’s music in expert female hands :: MATTI TUOMISTO
What’s next for Nordic jazz :: PETRI SILAS
Up the Scales: WoW – what a sound! (on Wind on Wind) :: AMANDA KAURANNE


The following is a list of main articles.

4/2013 DANCE!

Why flamenco?! (on Kaari & Roni Martin) :: TOVE DJUPSJÖBACKA
From symbiosis to encounter (on folk dance) :: AMANDA KAURANNE
“A fantastic plaited bun loaf” (on Tero Saarinen, Kenneth Kvarnström & Marjo Kuusela) :: HANNELE JYRKKÄ
Dancing in the street (on street dance in Finland today) :: ARTTU TOLONEN
May I have the next dance, please? (on social dancing in Finland) :: PEKKA NISSILÄ
Hyperventilation and other funny noises (on sound designing in contemporary Finnish dance) :: AARNE TOIVONEN
Taking note: The composer as well-being consultant :: RIIKKA TALVITIE
Avanti! at 30 – still forging ahead (on Finland’s most ‘intermusical’ chamber orchestra) :: ANTTI HÄYRYNEN
Up the Scales: Finnish nature and dazzling sun (on Matthew Whittall) :: JAANI LÄNSIÖ

3/2013 GUITAR

One foot in each world (on Raoul Björkenheim) :: JAN-ERIK HOLMBERG 
Guitarist, catalyst (on guitarists commissioning new compositions) :: JUHA TORVINEN 
A cold drop on a warm hand (on Kai Nieminen) :: KIMMO KORHONEN 
Faster, higher, stronger! (on the Helsinki Universal Guitar Festival) :: MIKA KAUHANEN 
Traditional, extreme and pop (on metal music subgenres) :: ESA LILJA 
Discovering folk guitar (on plucked string instruments in Finnish folk music) :: TOVE DJUPSJÖBACKA 
Lutherie beyond national (on Finnish guitar builders) :: TIMO ÖSTMAN 
Taking note: The threat music carries :: KALLE KALIMA 
Music by and for children (on children composing and writing music) :: ARTTU TOLONEN 
Reality opera for Generation Y (on New Generation Opera) :: JAANI LÄNSIÖ 
Up the Scales: Slowly, but surely (on Sansa) :: RIIKKA HILTUNEN


Never mind the mall punks, here’s Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät! :: ARTTU TOLONEN
Elitist, yuck?! (on the debate on elitism in the arts):: BY SINI MONONEN
A blank page in the history of music (on the controversies of the 1930s) :: MATTI HUTTUNEN
Before we are all drowned (on social statements in contemporary music) :: ANU AHOLA
Folk rap is here to stay (on Asa, Paleface and Pitkäsen Matti) :: AMANDA KAURANNE
Jazz associations keep swinging (on the role of local operators) :: MATTI NIVES
Money for art (on new organisations funding art) :: MERJA HOTTINEN
For Finland and beyond (on national broadcasting company YLE) :: ANDREW MELLOR
Taking Note: Who calls the tune? :: OLLI VIRTAPERKO
Up the scales: Fragmented identities (on Miika Hyytiäinen)  :: HANNA ISOLAMMI

1/2013 SACRED

The constant variation of creation (on Paavo Heininen 75 years) :: JARKKO HARTIKAINEN
Tongues of men and angels (on music of the Orthodox Church) :: TOVE DJUPSJÖBACKA
All hear the holy nature (on sanctity of nature in Kalevi Aho’s & Hexvessel’s music) :: JUHA TORVINEN
In sacred spaces (on Tapani Rinne & churches and temples as concert venues) :: MIIKA LAURIALA
Touching the untouchable (on sacredness of concert conventions) :: JAANI LÄNSIÖ
Instinctual interpretations  (on Jukka Perko & hymns) :: ANU AHOLA
Metal music representing Finnishness (on metal’s cultural prominence in Finland) :: TITUS HJELM
Multicultural narratives  (on Musica nova 2013 festival) :: AARNE TOIVONEN
Holy sweat (on Folklandia cruise) :: AMANDA KAURANNE
Seen&Heard: Snow Queen :: KIMMO KORHONEN
Up the scales: Linda Fredriksson :: MATTI NIVES


The following is a list of main articles.

4/2012 sound-art-poem-performance

Editorial :: Merja Hottinen
A composer of this world (on Lotta Wennäkoski) :: Karoliina Vesa
Business as usual: Tomutonttu :: Tanja Tiekso
Watch and listen! :: Sini Mononen
The medium and his message
:: Juha Torvinen
From page to stage poetry :: Mika Kauhanen
Drawing with music :: Harri Römpötti
From field to stage :: Elina Roms
Turning colour into music :: Irma Rinne [Vierimaa]
The sound of frozen music :: Jonathan Mander
Taking Note :: Paula Tuovinen
A wave of song :: Riikka Hiltunen
Up the Scales: Mirel Wagner :: Arttu Tolonen


Editorial :: Merja Hottinen
Feeling the music (on John Storgårds) :: Andrew Mellor
Creative collaboration :: Hanna Isolammi
Bigger, better, folkier :: Amanda Kauranne
Mission Baroque :: Elina Roms
22-PP doing their thing
:: Merja Hottinen
Brothers in jazz :: Matti Nives
Taking Note :: Kari Turunen
The joy of rhythm :: Liisa Lipas
Thrice homeless :: Kimmo Korhonen
Up the Scales: Antti Paalanen :: Tove Djupsjöbacka

2/2012 PIANO

Editorial :: Merja Hottinen
Germany adores Iiro Rantala
:: Mika Kauhanen
Keyboard horizons :: Tuomas Mali
Music competitions – why? :: Matti Raekallio
Pounding the keys
:: Riikka Hiltunen
Pianos in extreme conditions :: Tommi E. Virtanen
From experience to research :: Lotta Emanuelsson
Taking Note :: Paavali Jumppanen
A century of opera :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
New music meets nature :: Riikka Talvitie
Thank you for the music :: Jonathan Mander
Up the Scales: Heinz-Juhani Hofmann
:: Karoliina Vesa


Editorial :: Merja Hottinen
Maria Kalaniemi – Music begins in freedom :: Elina Roms
Live music pops up :: Matti Nives
Monday night fever
:: Merja Hottinen
Jazz is not just about the music :: Jan-Erik Holmberg
Taking a risk for new bands :: Heidi Horila
Taking Note :: Hannu Oskala
Heikki Suolahti – A life cut short :: Kimmo Korhonen
Kaija Saariaho & France – Style, culture, inspiration :: Antonin Serviére
Up the Scales: Markus Pesonen :: Risto Nevanlinna


The following is a list of main articles.


Jimi Tenor - A master with his own tools :: Matti Nives
Music of many cultures :: Anna-Sofia Joro
Inspiring India :: Tove Djupsjöbacka
A jazz musician plays with style (on Sid Hille) :: Liisa Lipas
"Finns rockin' in Russian!" :: Arttu Tolonen
Interpreters of global music (on GLOMAS programme) :: Riikka Hiltunen
Reaching for the stars (on Miina-Liisa Värelä) :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Hearing the self through the other (on Erik Bergman) :: Juha Torvinen
The legacy of a modernist (on Erik Bergman) :: Tim Howell


Songs for the school :: Riitta Hirvonen
Jori's musical stories (on Georg Malmstén) :: Maisa Krokfors
The Big Man and the Fairy :: Pekka Jalkanen
Tales on stage :: Antti Häyrynen
Music for all the senses (on music playschools for babies) :: Henna Kapiainen
Records for a new generation :: Teemu Fiilin
Time for music? (on Finnish music education) :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Huoratron - Pounding the absolution beat :: Arttu Tolonen


A bird of his own feather :: Karoliina Vesa
The dream of a hundred years (on history of the Helsinki Music Centre) :: Antti Häyrynen
Time, Space and acoustics (on Yasuhisa Toyota) :: Janne Koskinen
This is it: The Helsinki Music Centre
A truly Helsinki Festival :: Merja Hottinen
A country-hopping mastersinger (on Topi Lehtipuu) :: Anu Ahola
On his own path (on Jimi Sumén) :: Tommi E. Virtanen
Planet Jazz is getting smaller :: Jan-Erik Holmberg

The tone of the north in music (Taking Note) :: Tapio Tuomela


Sebastian Fagerlund - full speed ahead :: Karoliina Vesa & Aki Yli-salomäki
Sound projects (on the Finnish music research today) :: Juha Torvinen
Ilmari Krohn - A musicologist is born :: Helena Tyrväinen
The many faces of ethnomusicology :: Riikka Hiltunen
Combining disciplines :: Jonathan Mander
Researching by singing (on Päivi Järviö) :: Anu Ahola
Music in the archives :: Matti Huttunen
Community opera :: Liisamaija Hautsalo


The following is a list of main articles.


An interview with a conductor (Susanna Mälkki) :: Antti J. Peltonen
When jazz and rock came to Finland (on Kjell Westö) :: Aki Petteri Lehtinen
Music from other places :: Merja Hottinen
Songs across the pond (Them Bird Things) :: Jonathan Mander
Three good reasons :: Mari Koppinen
Firm believers (Ondine Records & Fuga record store) :: Anu Ahola
Winds of change in composition studies :: Olli Virtaperko


Yoik on the road  (Wimme Saari) :: Riikka Hiltunen
The tone of the north :: Juha Torvinen
Three Oulu voices :: Jussi Vilkuna
Magical Cynisism (lyrics by Radiopuhelimet) :: Arttu Tolonen
Sibelius by Aho & Soldan :: Markku Hartikainen
Beats for sale :: Risto Nevanlinna
More than an assistant (conductor Sasha Mäkilä) :: Merja Hottinen
Consolations to Hiroshima (Erkki Aaltonen's 2nd symphony) :: Yumi Notohara


Kimmo Pohjonen plays the devil's lung :: Jussi Niemi
Silent films granted contemporary sound :: Jonathan Mander
Classical music meets visual arts :: Merja Hottinen
National music museum in the works :: Anu Ahola
What Finnish war sounds like :: Susanna Välimäki
YouTube promotes music :: Arttu Tolonen
Video art plays with music :: Tero Kartastenpää
Music wants to be visual :: Eero Tarasti
To create a new art form :: Jean-Baptiste Barrière

1/2010 A SECOND LOOK at internationality and recognition in Finnish music

Kaija Saariaho: Love is the key :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Vladislav Delay – cosmopolitan in the woods :: Matti Pentikäinen
Immigrant voices compete in Ourvision :: Antti-Ville Kärjä
Helmi-levyt digs deep for folk pearls :: Arttu Tolonen
Armas Järnefelt – known for the "wrong works" :: Kimmo Korhonen
Armas Launis' Jehudith rediscovered :: Helena Tyrväinen
Aino Ackté – The Superior Salome :: Anne Sivuoja-Gunaratnam
Sigrid Schnéevoigt – The Finnish Carreño :: Margit Rahkonen
Editorial :: Juha Torvinen
Taking Note :: Tuomas Nevanlinna
Notes from Abroad :: Antonin Servière


The following is a list of main articles.

4/2009 FMQ 25 YEARS!

The ever-evolving Meta4 string quartet :: Samuli Tiikkaja
A quarter century of FMQ :: Matti Huttunen
The symphony set to soar :: Martin Anderson
Georg Schneévoigt – the first Finnish cosmopolitan composer :: Vesa Sirén
Santtu Rouvali's star is rising ::  Anu Karlson
How rock lost its rebel yell :: Antti J. Peltonen
The Sibelius Academy pushing Finnish folk forward :: Riikka Hiltunen
Club jazz revived in Helsinki :: Jan-Erik Holmberg
25 years of a theme without variations :: Risto Nieminen


Sampo Haapamäki's star is rising :: Anu Ahola
No rest for the ears :: Marko Leppänen
Ecology in Finnish music ::Susanna Välimäki
Philanthropic festivals :: Siskotuulikki Toijonen
Green lyrics :: Arttu Tolonen
Finnish soul music's ascendancy :: Risto Nevanlinna
Heikki Sarmanto redefining jazz in the 1960s :: Tommi Koskenheimo
Long live the recession! :: Olli Virtaperko
Music is not exclusively human :: Dario Martinelli


Jouhiorkesteri celebrates the bowed lyre :: Riikka Hiltunen
What exactly is an iskelmä? :: Olli Heikkinen
The tradition of the kupletti :: Laura Henriksson
Four Portraits of the iskelmä :: Pirkko Kotirinta
Strong roots keep the iskelmä alive :: Antti J. Peltonen
The Finnish tango never stops :: Alfonso Padilla
Music publishing in Finland :: Vesa Kurkela
The hidden memory of the nation :: Peter von Bagh
The metamorphosis of Finnish music (1975–2009) :: Henri-Claude Fantapié

1/2009 MILESTONES in the history and identity of Finnish music

Kalevi Aho – Music must communicate :: Juha Torvinen
The years leading to Pacius :: Kari Laitinen
Finland's first national composer – Fredrik Pacius :: Tomi Mäkelä
When Pacius came to Finland :: Seija Lappalainen
Faust's impact on Finnish musical life :: Helena Tyrväinen
Selim Palmgren – A Finnish cosmopolite :: Kimmo Korhonen
Einar Englund – A controversial legacy :: Christian Holmqvist
It's not easy being a Modernist :: Samuli Tiikkaja
How to kill a genre in Finland :: Arttu Tolonen
J. Karjalainen & Tuomari Nurmio harnessing the powerlines :: Jussi Niemi
Nordic Tone – does it exist? :: Mika Kauhanen
The philosophy of music in Finland :: Matti Huttunen
Music most melancholy :: Jarkko Martikainen
The world's first Sibelius society :: Glenda Dawn Goss


The following is a list of main articles.


Monica Groop – A musical traveller in time :: Elina Roms
Fennofolk – rebranding Finnish weirdness :: Pia Livia Hekanaho
The cradle of weirdness called Pori :: Max Ryynänen
Magnus Lindberg – Harder as it goes :: Takemi Sosa
Juan Antonio Muro – Renaissance man :: Juha Torvinen
Brains get kicks out of music :: Jonathan Mander
Seeing and hearing the world :: Outi Nyytäjä
Making the most of Popkomm :: Jonathan Mander
Everyone has a chance in the global music market :: Kai Lofthus


Einojuhani Rautavaara – Fortune's fantasy :: Samuli Tiikkaja 
The diversity of the kantele :: Hannu Saha 
The kantele's anatomy :: Marko Aho 
What has been written for the kantele? :: Pekka Jalkanen 
Three attitudes to the kantele :: Arja Kangasniemi 
Popular culture embraces the kantele :: Hannu Tolvanen 
Saxophone, fiction and Pietilä :: Jan-Erik Holmberg 
Nordic Music Days – More than music :: Liisamaija Hautsalo 
The thousand-year power of the kantele :: Heikki Laitinen


Opera in the hands of conductors :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Librettists in tune with the times :: Kimmo Korhonen
Grassroots opera is all shook up :: Harri Kuusisaari
TV-opera - Politics, media and the unconscious :: Susanna Välimäki
Choral music as an amateur activity :: Martin Anderson
Opera breaks boundaries :: John Richardson
New leader at FNO takes on challenge :: Janne Koskinen
Hooking the next generation on opera :: Anu Jaantila
Rock operas defined :: Arttu Tolonen
Fullsteam exports rock the independent way :: Otto Talvio
Paavo Heininen - a Modernist unafraid of the opera :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
There's more to opera than meets the ear :: Juha Torvinen


Taking care of Finnish festivals :: Matti Tuomisto
Contemporary music finds new stages :: Merja Hottinen
Festivals are democratic culture :: Hannu Saha
Ten quality music festivals :: Jonathan Mander & Juha Torvinen
Jazz blooms in a unique setting :: Mika Kauhanen
Looking further - Faces goes global :: Riikka Hiltunen
Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo has faith in contemporary music's future :: Anu Karlson
Memorable musical discoveries in unexpected places :: Riikka Vuorijärvi
Classical music becomes more social online :: Riikka Vuorijärvi


The following is a list of the main articles.


Finland invests in cultural exporting :: Teemu Luukka
Speaking of money… an interview with Eicca Toppinen & Niklas Winter :: Riikka Vuorijärvi
Go East and West, young (wo)man :: Kai Amberla
Demand fuels cultural exports - the Finnish Cultural Institutes abroad :: Matti Tuomisto
Helsinki in Berlin :: Volker Michael
The lure of Berlin: tradition and experiments :: Ilkka Mattila
The tip of the iceberg - a mini-season of Finnish arts and culture in France :: Pierre Gervasoni
Life like Leif (Segerstam) :: Minna Lindgren
Juha Uusitalo's rapid rise to the top :: Matti Tuomisto


Notes from the borderland - An interview with Jukka Tiensuu :: Risto Nieminen
Jukka Tiensuu - a sketch for a portrait :: Risto Nieminen
Avant-garde vis-à-vis experimental art :: Irmeli Hautamäki
Experimental music in Finland - Enjoying a Renaissance? :: Tanja Uimonen
Erkki Kurenniemi's big project: building the future :: Mikko Ojanen
30 years with open ears :: Juha Torvinen
Petri Kuljuntausta explores the unknown :: Jukka Mikkola
How to create a cross-discipline artwork - and why? :: Teemu Mäki
Experimentalism in Finland - today :: Riikka Talvitie
Fonal Records - Music does not have removable rear spoilers :: Otto Talvio
Arenas for experimental music in Finland :: Juuso Paaso & Taneli Tuominen
Chilling out at the Avanto Festival :: Riikka Vuorijärvi


New Olli Kortekangas opera in Savonlinna :: Samuli Tiikkaja
The unpolitician in Operaland :: Mikko Heiniö
"Expensive Toys" or how patriotic opera became universal :: Tomi Mäkelä
The singing revolution - the political song movement of 1970s :: Miska Rantanen
Records banned - a short history of YLE censorship :: Pekka Gronow
YLE in 2007: Today's music for today's listeners :: Matti Tuomisto & Axa Sorjanen
Anarchy in Karelia - the Sleepy Sleepers, politics and parody :: Jukka Lindfors
A summer of music by the sea :: Matti Lehtonen
Melartin, Sibelius and Kajanus: Connections, conspiracies and collusion :: Tuire Ranta-Meyer


Réka Szilvay - From pupil to professor in one single move :: Anu Karlson
In a spirit of pluralism - An interview with Gustav Djupsjöbacka :: Harri Kuusisaari
The Innovation Centre: New horizons in music and technology :: Jussi Kainulainen
Folk music is a business: New course for folk music managers :: Jussi Kainulainen
Kullervo transfigured - A new edition of Jean Sibelius's work :: Glenda Dawn Goss
Jean Sibelius Works - ten years on :: Timo Virtanen
Music research in Finland reaches far and wide :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Times change, laments revive :: Anna-Liisa Tenhunen
Musica nova Helsinki: the four composers in focus :: Mikael Kosk
Heavy, heavier, Kalevala (the Finnish national epic & heavy rock music) :: Matti Riekki


The following is a list of the main articles.


How Finnish classical music and musicians made it in America :: Brian Wise
Esa-Pekka Salonen - A Finn in Los Angeles :: Peter Haffner
Karita Mattila - Darling of the Met :: Vesa Sirén
Osmo Vänskä makes the Minnesota Orchestra shine :: Matti Tuomisto
They went over the ocean: Rautavaara, Suokko, Tallgren :: Riikka Vuorijärvi
Revising recording: Ondine and The Philadelphia Orchestra :: Alyssa Timin
Oh, the streets are paved with gold in America - Finnish emigrants and Finnish music in the New World :: Tero Liete
Jazz - from Finland with respect :: Jan-Erik Holmberg
They, too, went over the ocean: Suonsaari, Perko :: Jussi Kainulainen
In America Finnish folk music competes in the world music market :: Mika Kauhanen
Go west, young man! - Musician & producer Janne Haavisto in America :: Santtu Luoto
Making it in the US - Finnish rock bands in America :: Sami Valkonen
The TV voice of an alternative nation: Three Finnish music video directors :: Antti-Ville Kärjä
The timeless quality of Finnish modernism :: Tim Howell
Airway to heaven - Air Guitar World Championships & Virtual Air Guitar :: Matti Tuomisto & Riikka Vuorijärvi


Music for life (on Finnish music education) :: Timo Klemettinen
The Finnish music schools and the role of government funding :: Marja Heimonen

Articles on basic music education:
The land of music playschools :: Mari Koppinen
The music playschool's first steps :: Mari Koppinen
Soili Perkiö: Music helps children comprehend their lives :: Anu Ahola
Music from morning to night (on two pupils at the East Helsinki Music Comprehensive School) :: Mari Koppinen
Little girl, big kantele :: Terhi Karttunen
The Violin Kids - There to become lovers of music :: Pauliina Ylinen
Making music with young people: Markus Fagerudd is adopted by a music school :: Riitta Pietilä
Sámi youth embrace their traditional music :: Riikka Vuorijärvi
Music education in Lapland helped by remote technology :: Riikka Vuorijärvi
Music education technology in Finland :: Matti Ruippo
Notes for a revolution - The Figurenotes system enables the mentally handicapped to study music :: Ari Helander

Articles on vocational music education:
True modernisation of rock, pop, and jazz studies (on the Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory) :: Jussi Kainulainen
Saxophonist Jussi Kannaste: "Systematic training gives Finnish jazz musicians a head start" :: Jussi Kainulainen
Anna-Kaisa Liedes, the voice doctor :: Marika Leed
Conductor Education in Finland :: Anu Konttinen

Music in schools under pressure from academic subjects :: Reijo Aittakumpu
Music for all (on adult education) :: Heljä Nurmela
Music, education, and post-modern media :: Kari Kurkela


Finland supports its artists (on the Finnish Arts Council system) :: Mari Koppinen
Brighter times ahead for Finnish orchestras :: Antti Häyrynen
European cooperation as a tool (on opera education & networking) :: Outi Haapanen
Virtuosi in Kuhmo (Centre of Expertise for Chamber Music) :: Tuulikki Karjalainen
Helsinki Music Centre going up in the heart of the city :: Osmo Palonen
Private funding keeps Finnish music festivals alive :: Matti Tuomisto
Kimmo Hakola & Festival-as-artwork :: Samuli Tiikkaja
Pump Pump Tom Tom Hallelujah – Why? (Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest) :: Kati Sinisalo


Young Meta4 from Finland: First we take Berlin :: Mari Koppinen
The string quartet and a smell of warm buns :: Jouni Kaipainen
Good music and enough advertisement ensure a good audience (on Ilari Angervo and his string quartet concert series) :: Marika Leed
Professor Puumala’s perspectives: Keeping all options open :: Lauri Kilpiö
Kusti Aerila, Kajanus’s clarinettist :: Paavo Helistö
The Sorrows of Young Adriana (on Kaija Saariaho’s new opera) :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Dägä Dägä – Numminen’s smiling Dadaism :: Christian Gasser


The following is a list of the main articles.

4/2005 MIDEM 2006 Opening Night, 22 January 2006

Classical music in Finland: A modern miracle :: Harri Kuusisaari
Finnish rock's move out into the world :: Ilkka Mattila
Finnish electronic music plays to its own tune :: Jonathan Mander
Folk music in Finland: New directions with a firm basis in tradition :: Mika Kauhanen
Jazz through a Finnish filter :: Jan-Erik Holmberg
The popular music business in Finland: Stronger than ever :: Jonathan Mander

3/2005 Composers discover Lapland and Karelia

The lure of the boondocks :: Simo Häyrynen
The music of Ultima Thule :: Kimmo Korhonen
Music in Lapland: tourist potential :: Jaakko Tahkolahti
Light from the east :: Antti Häyrynen
Small Karelian cultures exposed to peril :: Anastasia Salo
Sibelius and Finnish-Karelian folk music :: Veijo Murtomäki
The national character of Soviet Karelian music :: Pekka Suutari
Something new from something old [on folk music] :: Mika Kauhanen
FMQ - an ever-expanding information pack on Finnish music :: Antero Karttunen
The Society of Finnish Composers is an organisation of experts :: Mikko Heiniö
Major emotions but no compromises [on recording company Ondine] :: Liisamaija Hautsalo

2/2005 Finnish Jazz - Out of the blue and in tune

Finland in the global jazz economy  :: Stuart Nicholson
Recent trends in Finnish jazz - the last ten years :: Jan-Erik Holmberg
Finnish jazz through the eyes of a Norwegian :: Jan Granlie
Three decades of Finnish big band excellence :: Petri Silas
Jazz composers try their wings outside established currents :: Mats Liljeroos
Verneri Pohjola - The reluctant leader of the jazz pack :: Petri Silas
The Return of the Horseman :: Pekka Hako

1/2005 Finnish composers post Modernism

Waiting for the great synthesis. Finnish composers post modernism :: Mats Liljeroos
"Modernism is a way of thinking, not so much a technique." Comments by Eero Hämeenniemi, Jaakko Kuusisto, Lauri Kilpiö, Hannu Pohjannoro and Riikka Talvitie.
Martti Talvela, the immortal Finnish bass :: Pekka Hako
Sibelius letters to Armas Järnefelt discovered :: Vesa Sirén
A maestra in the making. Portrait of conductor Eva Ollikainen :: Anu Konttinen
"My works have a clear pulsative feel." :: Marika Leed
Composer Seppo Pohjola portrayed


The following is a list of the main articles.


Sound mirrors of the mind :: Jari Sinkkonen
Music therapy -  an individual approach to care and rehabilitation :: Esa Ala-Ruona, Päivi Jordan-Kilkki
The joy of learning is for everyone :: Annukka Knuuttila
Robert Kajanus and the 'Rimsky-Korsakov affair' :: Helena Tyrväinen
"It's a great feeling to realise you can review your aesthetic ideals". A portrait of pianist Paavali Jumppanen :: Lotta Emanuelsson
Travelling in time. Kronos and Kimmo Pohjonen Kluster melt into one in Uniko :: Jussi Niemi
L'amour de loin. The Finnish premiere of Kaija Saariaho's opera :: Kimmo Korhonen
Finland's national anthem, Runeberg and Finnish artistic identity :: Tomi Mäkelä


Strange, striking and sometimes commercial. The state of Finnish pop in the year 2004 :: Samuli Knuuti
How to be Finnish (in popular music) :: Pekka Gronow
The biggest Finnish rock stars, HIM and  The Rasmus, are the new generation's success stories :: Ilkka Mattila
Finnish heavy rock is "Big in Japan" :: Timo Isoaho
The world is my oyster. Finnish world music in 2004 :: Petri Silas
Fresh thinking and new methods in Finnish jazz production :: Markus Partanen
ELVIS is alive and well in Finland. 50 years of melodies and lyrics :: Pekka Nissilä
A history of Finnish popular music :: Paavo Helistö


A big ship turns slowly.  Are the Finnish orchestras on a safe course? :: Antti Häyrynen
In quest of a tradition. Conductor and violinist John Storgårds :: Anu Konttinen
'More than anything, the orchestral  musician needs to be inspired.' :: Jukka-Pekka Lehto
Amicable choral sparring partners. The Helsinki University Chorus and the Polytech Choir represent two aspects of the Finnish male choir :: Kimmo Korhonen
Two kinds of tenors: Topi Lehtipuu - Baroque opera star  with a rock and gospel background ; Mika Pohjonen - Italian opera hero with a tango background :: Harri Kuusisaari
Musical pictures of an industrial town. Music, art, and industrial patronage shake hands in Mänttä :: Anu Karlson
Armas Launis, opera composer :: Pekka Hako
The cunning linguists. Paleface and Don Johnson Big Band prove that the best rap doesn't always come from the Bronx or South Central :: Jussi Niemi
Ten years in the new opera house :: Kimmo Korhonen
A yearful of events in three months :: Pirkko Kotirinta


The promised land of music halls :: Matti Tuomisto
Acoustic crescendo. Orchestras benefit from electro-acoustic rehearsal hall Data gloves and air guitar :: Kuisma Eskola
Juha Leiviskä's drawings look like musical scores :: Nicholas Mayow
On the fringes of musical inquiry: Soundscape research :: Helmi Järviluoma
Radiophonics - somewhere between drama and music :: Petri Kuljuntausta
The Tapiola Choir at 40 - is the magic still there? :: Anu Karlson
An Impresario and a Gentleman. Edvard Fazer founds Finland's first concert agency :: Anu Ahola


The following is a list of the main articles.


Finnish folk music today - and tomorrow? :: Paavo Helistö 
Reinventing the old folk sounds :: Hannu Tolvanen
The serious business of shouting :: Samuli Knuuti
Folk music is an indefinable concept. Young musician Johanna Juhola :: Anu Karlson
Directions in music by Jarmo Saari :: Petri Silas
Turku's Sibelius Museum is a storehouse of information for the researcher :: Anu Karlson
"The best Finnish opera choir in the world" :: Anu Karlson


An ancient instrument enters the modern era :: Arto Sirén
There's even an electric clavichord these days! :: Anu Karlson
"A sweet, delightful sound". The cembal d'amour :: Eva Helenius-Öberg
The wonders of the human voice :: Päivi Loponen
Let's play house! :: Leena Lehtinen
Sensitive sounds of daily chores. The group Cleaning Women :: Ilkka Mattila
Einojuhani Rautavaara's Rasputin is a grand synthesis :: Pekka Hako
Art music for the accordion. Portrait of accordionist Mika Väyrynen :: Harri Kuusisaari
Oceanides. The whole story :: Andrew G. Barnett


Music and meaning. Opera in the vernacular or au naturel? :: Paula Nurmentaus
Kalevi Aho: Music speaks true even when words lie :: Anu Karlson
Opera librettos translated in two ways :: Dietrich Assmann
Liisa Ryömä loves music theatre but has her doubts about opera :: Anu Karlson
Growth in music for the theatre :: Harri Kuusisaari
The two cycles of Finnish progressive rock :: Petri Silas
Henrik Otto Donner: "We need more dialogue  between the institutions and the arts outside them" :: Anu Karlson
Mezzo-soprano Lilli Paasikivi  hastening slowly into the heavyweight series :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Tauno Marttinen, composer of intuition and inspiration :: Juha Torvinen


The magic of dusky wood and reed. New music for clarinet :: Paavo Helistö
Kari Kriikku - ready for both serious quests and circus acts
Mikael Helasvuo - roaming on the bounds of possibility :: Anu Karlson
Sliding in sound. Material and  immaterial images in Kaija Saariaho's flute music :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Wind music in Finland. From military band to youth orchestra :: Kari Laitinen
In search of a lost chamber work.  Introducing Jean Sibelius's En Saga Septet for Flute, Clarinet, and Strings :: Gregory Barrett
Päivinen's progress. A portrait of saxophonist/composer Pepa Päivinen :: Petri Silas
The dreamteam of Finnish improvisation Helsinki-Saint Petersburg-Paris. 
The Franco-Russian Alliance and Finnish-French musical relations :: Helena Tyrväinen


The following is a list of the main articles.


Some thoughts on liturgical music of a professional composer :: Jyrki Linjama
"The best hymnbook for us" :: Sinikka Kontio Harald Andersén.
A reformer of Finnish church music :: Markku Kilpiö
The church, a concert hall or a place for divine service? :: Folke Forsman
Can organ music become a sacrament? :: Jan Lehtola
Finnish church operas ponder faith and humanity :: Kimmo Korhonen
The awkward relationship of gospel and rock in Finland :: Jussi Niemi
Sibelius caught in a political vortex :: Veijo Murtomäki
Adorno vs. Sibelius. Seconds out for the final round? :: Vesa Sirén
France Ellegaard - Scandinavian queen of pianists :: Petri Sariola


Finland encounters the world. From the monoculture to a multicultural society :: Antti Häyrynen
Immigrant music and multiculturalism :: Erkki Pekkilä
African music in Finland :: Mikko Saarela
A manju on two continents. A portrait of Arnold Chiwalala from Tansania :: Auli Räsänen
Finnish contacts with Carnatic music :: Eero Hämeenniemi
Does Finland finnicise the composer? :: Harri Kuusisaari
A portrait of composer Jovanka Trbojevic :: Umayya Abu-Hanna
A Finnish-Hungarian alliance. Music teachers Géza and Csaba Szilvay :: Liisa Lauerma
The mad year of Finnish hip hop :: Petri Silas
The truthful guitar. A portrait of Ismo Eskelinen :: Harri Kuusisaari
Going global. Post-was trends in Finnish performing art :: Matti Huttunen


Mythical Finland-Swedish Identity :: Merete Mazzarella
A composer well in harmony with his own time. Romantic modernist Lars Karlsson has become a modern romantic :: Mats Liljeroos
Pit or podium. Söderblom & Sons (= Ulf, Erik och Jan Söderblom) :: Paula Nurmentaus
Magnus Lindberg - cosmopolitan Swedish Finn :: Liisa Lauerma
"Har du visor, min vän?" The Finnish-Swedish songs :: Åke Grandell
My Swedish :: Mikko Heiniö
Songwriter Georg Malmstén delighted both children and adults :: Pekka Jalkanen
Cult and canon. Finnish music in the 1920s and 30s :: Matti Huttunen
Between Classicism and Eclecticism. Pacius' The Hunt of King Charles - a piece of loyalist anti-nationalism :: Tomi Mäkelä
Early Modernism in Finnish music. The works of  Aarre Merikanto from the opera Juha to the Symphonic Study :: Lauri Kilpiö


Composers young and free :: Riikka Talvitie
Precision work by instinct. Kimmo Hakola is an independent voice in postmodernism :: Juhani Nuorvala
From hobby to profession. Music therapy in Finland :: Jaakko Erkkilä
New viewpoints, new meanings. Cultural musicology in Finland :: Milla Tiainen
Searching for a synthesis. An introduction to semiotics with Eero Tarasti :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Popular music studies in Finland :: Antti-Ville Kärjä
(National) Romanticism in the performance of music :: Matti Huttunen
Berlin - a magnet for Finnish musicians :: Vesa Sirén


The following is a list of the main articles.

4/2001 Erik Bergman

Erik Bergman at 90 :: Lauri Kilpiö 
The Finnish musicscape from the Middle Ages to the Baroque :: Matti Huttunen
Jorma Silvasti from Savonlinna :: Anu Karlson
Uusinta - the last word in new music :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Anu Komsi is a soprano whose motto is versatility :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Pioneer of the Finnish hit - Jaakko Salovaara :: Ilkka Mattila
Kimmo Pohjonen and vanguard accordion :: Petri Silas
Finnish culture institutes abroad

3/2001 The Finnish track record: 100 years

A hundred years of Finnish recordings :: Pekka Gronow
The classical music record in Finland :: Antti Häyrynen
Early Sibelius recordings in Finland :: Antti Häyrynen
Finlandia Records' creative force - Jaakko Borg :: Pekka Hako
Naturalised Finnish tango puts out new shoots :: Pirkko Kotirinta
Jukka Perko and Blue Note :: Petri Silas
Joonas Kokkonen, the apostle of musical humanism :: Mats Liljeroos
Earworms and other wonders - The first 300 years of the Finnish hymnal :: Markus Tapio
With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding - Portrait of pianist Risto Lauriala :: Anu Jaantila
Attraction of opposites -- a portrait of Tapani Rinne, a total musician :: Jussi Niemi

2/2001 Building Instruments

Jean Sibelius conducts :: Vesa Siren
The one and only recording by Sibelius himself :: Vesa Siren
Organ building in Finland today :: Peter Peitsalo
The clavichord in Finland :: Pentti Pelto
The roots and branches of the handcrafted guitar in Finland :: Petri Silas
Music, joy and five strings: Kantele 2000 :: Anna-Liisa Tenhunen
The kantele dispels the myth :: Pirkko Kotirinta
Maris Gothoni - a young man dedicated to music :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
In quest of the great synthesis - A portrait of composer Jukka Linkola :: Mats Liljeroos
More new Finnish operas :: Kimmo Korhonen

1/2001 Brass Year 2001

The sparkle and shine of Finnish brass :: Kimmo Korhonen
The hippopotamus sings and dances -  Harri Lidsle is raising the profile of the tuba :: Harri Kuusisaari
From trumpeting to trumpet art - Jouko Harjanne makes the trumpet sing :: Harri Kuusisaari
Reveille! Finnish military bands march in time :: Kari Laitinen
The summer that changed the course of history - Holger Fransman studies the French horn in Vienna 1931 :: Paavo Helistö
Music where different genres meet, Hämeenniemi, Heininen and Lintinen discover the big band phenomenon :: Lauri Kilpiö
Sermilä - the all-rounder :: Anu Karlson 
Markku Veijonsuo - the trombone and beyond :: Petri Silas
The crazy year of Finnish opera :: Kimmo Korhonen


The following is a list of the main articles.

3-4/2000 Digital Dancing

From Letkis to Freestyler (Exporting popular Finnish music) :: Jari Muikku
Wimme Saari is the modern master of the archaic Sámi way of singing  :: Jussi Niemi
CD defies the internet :: Harri Hautala
Making an opera like running the 100 metres (Baritone Gabriel Suovanen portrayed) :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Old music in new bottles :: Jukka Kemppinen
"Juhani Liimatainen, Period Instruments" (A Sound Designer is a Musician that doesn't Exist) :: Anu Karlson
Algorithmic Music and Motion :: Pauli Laine
Computer assisted music: identification and retrieval :: Kjell Lemström
IRCAM in Helsinki :: Anu Karlson
From marriage to cohabitation (Music and dance enjoy an entente cordiale full of opportunities and problems) :: Harri Kuusisaari
Unafraid of shrieks, shouts and whispers (Timo Nuoranne, seduced by tradition) :: Anu Jaantila
Witches, Vampires and Comic Strip Heroes (Opera Skaala makes modern opera based on strong principles and a small budget) :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Simply unadorned and crystal-clear (Kaija Saariaho's Love From Afar is modern opera at its most beautiful) :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
A Cornucopia of Kaija Saariaho (PRISMA CD-ROM - The Musical World of Kaija Saariaho. WSOY, New Media 1999) :: Anne Sivuoja-Gunaratnam

2/2000 Uuno Klami at 100

The success story of the man who forged the Sampo (100th anniversary of Uuno Klami) :: Helena Tyrväinen
Alice in a Wonderland of interactive musical skills :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Modernism with a human face. Composer Tapio Tuomela portrayed :: Mats Liljeroos
Composer Markus Fagerrudd: "I'm the luckiest man I've ever met" :: Osmo Tapio Räihälä
Finnish composers inspired by folk music :: Kimmo Korhonen
Folk Opera Lives :: Harri Kuusisaari
The Age is born. Three new operas at the Savonlinna Festival  :: Pekka Hako
The New Sibelius Hall in Lahti: Tuning Timber's Timbre :: Matti Tuomisto

1/2000 Erkki Melartin

Erkki Melartin, Painter, Composer, Philosopher :: Inkeri Pitkäranta
Erkki Melartin, a Symphonic Composer of International Stature? :: Osmo Tapio Räihälä
The Music Heard in Turku Cathedral :: Fabian Dahlström
Gregoriana Fennica. Memory of Bishop Henry lives on :: Ilkka Taitto
Lusty Northern Orchestras Challenge the South :: Harri Hautala
The New Finnish Opera Boom  :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
Shaping the Future :: Tisa Ng
Music Has No Gender  ("Don't call me a female conductor", says Susanna Mälkki) :: Harri Kuusisaari
The Spirit of Free Music Comes to Finland. Charles Gill and Jazz's European Identity :: Tom Sandberg
Opting for Finland, Jorma Hynninen's Choice :: Anu Karlson


The following is a list of main articles.


The road to St. Petersburg :: Antti Häyrynen
Alexander Scriabin and the white nights of Finland :: Petri Sariola
Ernest Pingoud shapes the future – Russian-Finnish cosmopolitan and disciple of Scriabin :: Erkki Salmenhaara
Musical progress :: Ernst Pingoud
New underground – the rebirth of the Helsinki-St. Petersburg connection :: Sami Hyrskylahti
Helsinki 2000 – A musical start to the millennium :: Harri Hautala
Seal broken on secret Sibelius file :: Vesa Sirén
Folk music flourishes at Kaustinen – innovation and conservation :: Kaisa Iitti
The heavens light up, Composer Pehr Henrik Nordgren portrayed :: Paavo Helistö
Rune-singing is still alive in Finland :: Paavo Helistö
Not by Sibelius alone, conductor Osmo Vänskä portrayed :: Matti Tuomisto
Young artist breaking through – Uljas Voitto Pulkkis, a Wagnerian with a computer :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
News, New releases


Music invades the silver screen :: Harri Kuusisaari
The aesthetics of Finnish music videos :: Antti-Ville Kärjä
Journeys of the heart (on students of composition going abroad) :: Juha T. Koskinen, Lotta Wennäkoski, Johan Tallgren
Zagros is a vocation – free, youthful chamber orchestra with a difference is its own master:: Harri Hautala
Hannu Lintu, conductor :: Harri Kuusisaari
Raising lifelong music-lovers (on education in music institutes) :: Anu Karlson
Facts about Finnish music life :: Kai Amberla
Ambassador for Finnish music – Tauno Hannikainen, conductor :: Seija Lappalainen
On being a composer in Finland – Marathon man paces himself for the opera :: Mikko Heiniö
Young artist breaking through – Per aspera ed astra, violinist Réka Szilvay portrayed :: Liisamaija Hautsalo
New Releases, Records


Composers and kids :: Jyrki Linjama
New music provides substance for education projects :: Matti Tuomisto
Promenade music and a carte blanche for itchy fingers (on a music weekend at the National Gallery) :: Anu Karlson
Discovering the music around me :: Anssi Karttunen
Children's music from a land in semi-shadow – Harri Wessman writes east but challenging music for children :: Kaisa Iitti
Shaping the future (on the future of art) :: Simon Frith
”More pathos, please!” – notes by conductor Jussi Jalas discovered, recording his conversations with Jean Sibelius :: Vesa Sirén
Aulis Sallinen, strong and simple :: Martin Anderson
Pianist Ilmo Ranta lets Lied take the lead :: Anu Karlson
A DJ is an artist, too! :: Ilkka Mattila
Reviews, Records


Sibelius – the view from the podium (conductors thoughts on Sibelius) :: Vesa Sirén
The adventures of Don Jean (on love in Sibelius early works) :: Veijo Murtomäki
The continuing adventures of Sibelius' Wood-Nymphs :: Eija Kurki
Corporal, not intellectual – Composer Juhani Nuorvala portrayed :: Osmo Tapio Räihälä
Reflections on a blue and white keyboard – piano playing in Finland before the 2nd World War :: Margit Rahkonen
Doktor Faustus on the keyboard (on pianist-composer Ferruccio Busoni) :: Petri Sariola
On being a composer in Finland: Autumnal diary :: Veli-Matti Puumala
Reviews, News, Records


Editor-in-chief: Kai Amberla

The following is a list of main articles.


Finland and Estonia. A brief historical overview :: Seppo Zetterberg
Literary contacts (on Finnish and Estonian literarure) :: Kai Laitinen
In Estonia, music is celebration (on song festivals etc) :: Antti Häyrynen
Composer Tauno Pylkkänen – the last of the Romantics and a friend of Estonia :: Jussi-Pekka Aukia
New winds in Estonian music :: Kalevi Aho
Conductor Juha Kangas builds a bridge between Finland and the Baltic republics :: Anu Karlson
Computer aid to composition – new musical territories to explore :: Jean-Baptiste Barrière
PW Constraints – Magnus Lindberg's Engine (on computer aid to composition):: Mikael Laurson
Shaping the future – The future, and the weight of the past (column on the future of art) :: Eero Tarasti
Musician-composer Jarmo Savolainen – a black and white timeline in jazz :: Petri Silas
Young artist breaking through – pianist Antti Siirala, young Beethoven champion :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Reviews, News, Records


”Can you teach composition... to a Chinaman by phone at 5 am?” :: Paavo Heininen
Einojuhani Rautavaara gave support and space :: Olli Kortekangas
The quest for identity – Kaija Saariaho spends a year in Finland :: Anni Heino
Esa-Pekka Salonen, the composer behind the conductor :: Antti Häyrynen
Shaping the future (column on the future of art) :: Esa Leskinen
Pioneers and explorers. Electronic music in Finland :: Jukka Ruohomäki
Mastering music technology (on music technology at the Sibelius Academy) :: Andrew Bentley
Umo Jazz Orchestra, the Flagship of Finnish jazz :: Tom Sandberg
Jumping musical fences – studio wizard Esa Kotilainen :: Jussi Niemi
On being a composer in Finland – A composer needs water and silence :: Jukka Linkola
Young artist breaks through – Lotta Wennäkoski searching for her own voice :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Reviews, New releases, Records

2/1998 – WHEN OLD IS NEW

The jazz singer and early music :: Anssi Mattila
Baroque without wigs – early music Finnish style (on baroque ensembles) :: Harri Kuusisaari
When old is new and new is old (on Markku Luolajan-Mikkola and the viola da gamba) :: Matti Tuomisto
The kantele – from epic to eclecticism :: Hannu Saha
The kantele conquering new areas :: Andrew Cronshaw
Shaping the future (column on the future of art) :: Sir John Drummond
Music ancient and modern – composer Herman Rechberger portrayed :: Kimmo Korhonen
Music making is a way of living and thinking (on composer Herman Rechberger) :: Anu Karlson
Charting a periphery – the instrumental anti-racism of Jukka Tiensuu :: Harri Suilamo
On being a composer in Finland – The moon at Three Windows :: Harri Vuori
Jimi Tenor and the unbearable lightness of marginal low-fi cool :: Jussi Niemi
Young artist breaking through – Panu Luosto :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Reviews, New releases, Records


Workers' culture in a working town :: Ulla Jaskari & Kimmo Kestinen
The Tampere Hall reaches out to the man in the street :: Matti Tuomisto
The Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra seeks national visibility :: Matti Tuomisto
Yes, there IS life in Tampere after ice hockey :: Jouni Kaipainen
Rock according to Tampere :: Jussi Niemi
The third side of the operatic triangle – Tampere Opera, professionalism without routine :: Harri Kuusisaari
Tampere conservatoire reaching out to Europe :: Anu Karlson
Tampere Jazz Happening keeps the beat :: Tom Sandberg
High tide for Magnus Lindberg :: Antti Häyrynen
France stages Lindberg retrospective :: Anni Heino
Markus Maskuniitty nurtures the Finnish horn tradition – from Berlin :: Anu Karlson
Young artist breaking through – First prize and lots of confidence to Joonas Pohjonen :: Ainomaija Pennanen
News, Records
Index 1997


Editor-in-chief: Kai Amberla

The following is a list of main articles.


Selim Palmgren, lyricist :: Jouni Kaipainen
A vocal duet of technique and the heart – bass singer Jaakko Ryhänen portrayed :: Matti Tuomisto
Can women's studies change the world of music? – new perspectives on Finnish music and music research :: Pirkko Moisala
Nighthawk at the organ – organist Kalevi Kiviniemi portrayed :: Kaisa Iitti
From virtuosity to meditation – The Finnish concertos of the 1990s :: Kimmo Korhonen
On being a composer in Finland – Great art is not conceived in a Procrustean bed :: Kimmo Hakola
”We are all composers” – A revolution in music education :: Anu Karlson
”Finnish culture has so much to give” – jazz musicians Jukka Perko and Severi Pyysalo draw inspiration from their roots :: Tom Sandberg
Young artists breaking through: Where there's a will there's a way – Mikko Franck plays the orchestra :: Anu Karlson
The Finnish record industry – a musical horn of plenty :: Jari Muikku
Reviews, News, Records


The search for musical chiasma – The freewheeling adventures of composer-arranger Riku Niemi :: Matti Tuomisto
Waltari takes metal for a ride ...into the future :: Jussi Niemi
Crossing borders. What is it? :: Seppo Knuuttila
Heikki Sarmanto up close and personal – The man who took Finnish jazz to the world is writing more than ever :: Hannu Lahtonen
Artistic freedom is not for sale – violinist-conductor John Storgårds places music before career :: Harri Kuusisaari
On being a composer in Finland – The fine art of building bridges :: Markus Fagerudd
”New music is the musician's best teacher” – Tuija Hakkila shuttles between the fortepiano and the modern grand :: Anu Karlson
Young artists breaking through – pianist Henri Sigfridsson considers himself a lucky man :: Kirsi-Marja Nevamäki
Reviews, News, Records


Yes, size does count! (on the Sibelius Academy) :: Lassi Rajamaa
Arts universities are the pioneers of internationalism (interview with minister of education Olli-Pekka Heinonen) :: Anu Karlson
Pianist Liisa Pohjola and composer Usko Meriläinen talking about music and performance :: Anu Karlson
The Sibelius Academy continuing education centre – tradition meets innovation :: Erkki Lehtiranta
Searching for close resemblance in music (on research and pitch-class set theory) :: Marcus Castrén
”I want to teach the world to jazz!” (Raoul Björkenheim, Anders Jormin and Jukkis Uotila on jazz education) :: Petri Silas
Young heroes of the Junior Academy :: Anni Heino
13-year old Lauri wields the baton (on the Junior Academy conducting class) :: Anni Heino
The Sibelius Academy through others' eyes (interviews with Alberto Hold-Garrido and Victor Chestopal) :: Kirsi-Marja Nevamäki
Double concerto – the two lives of musician-composer Jaakko Kuusisto :: Anu Karlson
Finno-Ugrian tradition – those women! (on folk vocal ensemble MeNaiset) :: Riitta Pietilä
The degree reform – unfortunate accident or start of a new florescence? :: Tuula Kotilainen
Reviews, News, Records
Finnish music on CDs – a selection excluding Sibelius :: Pekka Hako


Choirs, myths and Finnishness :: Einojuhani Rautavaara
Youth leads the way (on choirs for children and young) :: Kari Turunen
Conductor Sakari Oramo faces the challenge [in Birmingham] with his feet firmly on the ground :: Harri Kuusisaari
Leevi Madetoja, an architect of the mind :: Matti Hyökki
Composer Olli Kortekangas – fascinated by the interaction between the human voice and text :: Kimmo Korhonen
Chamber choir awaits Prince Charming (on the chamber choir movement) :: Pekka Sipilä
Training the choir leaders of the future (on choral conducting studies in Finland) :: Timo Nuoranne
Choral singing! For pleasure or for hire? :: Tapani Länsiö
The Peter Schreier choir from Finland :: Hannu Apajalahti
Finnish vocal ensembles spiral upwards :: Risto Nordell
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Editor-in-chief: Antero Karttunen

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Articles (unless otherwise mentioned) compiled from the book series History of Finnish Music, written by Fabian Dahlström, Erkki Salmenhaara and Mikko Heiniö, published by WSOY

A little by way of background
From the arrival of Swedes to the romantic era
Sibelius and his shadows
The Sibelius concerto still holds a record :: Martti Haapakoski
The mainstream of national romanticism
On the threshold of the new
The music of our time
Finnish folk music and jazz :: Jari Muikku
Joonas Kokkonen 1921–1996 :: Antero Karttunen
The road to mental music :: Joonas Kokkonen (published first in 1988)
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Pekka Perussävel, the Finnish composer :: Jarmo Sermilä


Pekka Kuusisto, the grinning violinist :: Minna Lindgren
Brussels Piano Competition sends Laura Mikkola into Orbit :: Auli Räsänen
Kalevi Aho in very good shape, and composing in a confessional vein :: Jouni Kaipainen
Young Composers greet the new Millennium :: Seppo Pohjola, Tuomas Kantelinen, Jukka Koskinen and Juha T. Koskinen
The feminine accordion touch – Maria Kalaniemi :: Pirkko Kotirinta
Rinneradio – open dialogue in all channels :: Jussi Niemi
Kirsi Tiihonen – Finland's new Verdi soprano finds her way into opera :: Matti Tuomisto
Jaakko Luoma, bassoon – One foot in Espoo, one in Paris :: Heljä Nurmela
Delightful letters by young Sibelius :: Glenda Dawn Goss
Growing old gracefully and other tough questions (on Ruisrock and Pori Jazz) :: William Moore
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Finland Festivals – what is it? (Finland as a festival country) :: Tuomo Tirkkonen
Juha sparks off great Finnish opera boom – the Savonlinna Opera Festival returns from its odyssey :: Matti Tuomisto
Paavo Heininen – a profile :: Guy Rickards
Kuhmo Chamber Music – enjoy! :: Anu Karlson
The Kaustinen Folk Music Festival :: Paavo Helistö
The Karelian spirit of Rääkkylä's Kihaus :: Sirkka Halonen
The Kuopio Festival broadens its worldview :: Auli Räsänen
The Joensuu Festival 1996: The forest sings, Karelia speaks :: Tuula-Liina Varis
Conductor Juha Kangas: ”Raising an orchestra is like organic farming” :: Anu Karlson
Crusell Week – Small, but full of surprises :: Heljä Salonen
Breathing fresh air into the Summer of Brass :: Antti Pajamo
Reviews, News, Records, The sixth Tampere Biennale
Finland Festivals list


Turku past and present (chronology)
A stroll round the Old Square in Åbo :: Fabian Dahlström
The Turku Philharmonic, Finland's oldest symphony orchestra :: Kalevi Kuosa
Turku, a city of singers :: Gottfrid Gräsbeck
Turku Music Festival – something old, something new :: Alarik Repo
Turku, festival capital of Finland – Ruisrock and Down By The Laituri :: Kari Sammo
Musicology at the University of Turku – and Mikko Heiniö's divided year :: Anu Karlson
The Sibelius Museum, specialist in the sound of music :: Ilpo Tolvas
The Turku Conservatory, a model from the provinces :: Riitta Pietilä
From a tortoise to a greyhound – and a profession, pianist Matti Raekallio portrayed :: Riitta Pietilä
Finland – supplier of Europe's cellists? The Turku Cello Competition :: Arne Rousi
The sun also rises in Turku (on the underground magazine Aamurusko) :: Pekka Gronow
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Editor-in-chief: Antero Karttunen

The following is a list of main articles.

4/1995 – Sibelius at 130

Life before Kullervo? – the early works of Jean Sibelius :: Kari Kilpeläinen
Sibelius and the theatre at the turn of the century :: Eija Kurki
”One of those 'national geniuses' – and Axel with his twelve schnapps before the soup” – Mahler's Helsinki concert in 1907 :: Paavo Helistö
Sibelius the archeologist :: Antero Karttunen
Sibelius lived next door... (on Järvenpää and Ainola, Sibelius' home) :: Antero Karttunen
Sibelius eight, what happened to it? :: Kari Kilpeläinen
”Sibelius's apostle”, Olin Downes :: Glenda Dawn Goss
Georg Schnéevoigt, champion of Sibelius – Finland's first wayfaring maestro :: Martti Haapakoski
Pages from an arranger's diary :: Jouni Kaipainen
True and false Andante festivo :: Antero Karttunen
Scene and Heard, News, Records


The Finnish folk ballad, offshoot of the European tradition :: Anneli Asplund
Katri Helena – a legacy in song to the nation :: Maarit Niiniluoto
Cheap flights in time and apace – the 22-Pistepirkko rocks between stone age and hi-tech :: Jussi Niemi
Once I waited for someone – the story of the Finnish tango :: Pekka Gronow
The Tango Festival in Seinäjoki – tango capital of Finland :: Ilpo Hakasalo
Iiro Rantala – jazz pianist from the sunny side of the street :: Hannu Lehtonen
Finnish ambient music – cool transparency :: Ilkka Mattila
From lament to success story – the Society of Finnish Composers at 50 :: Erkki Salmenhaara
From the depths to the heights – Finnish and musical pluralism in Finnish record production :: Jari Muikku
Thirty years young – Pori Jazz marches on :: Hannu Lahtonen
Reviews, News


We are the champions – or are we? (an interview with 5 Composers – Jarmo Sermilä, Kalevi Aho, Eero Hämeenniemi, Tapani Länsiö, Veli-Matti Puumala) :: Anu Karlson
A panorama of the 20th century in Magnus Lindberg's Aura :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Narrative in broad strokes – Jouni Kaipainen's 2nd symhony :: Seppo Pohjola
Young composers of the 1990's buffeted by the winds of change :: Kimmo Korhonen
Time of Music – Viitasaari summer academy :: Anu Karlson
Three-dimensional, concrete – on the perception of Finnish music :: Reinhard Oehlschlägel
No longer is Sibelius ”le plus mauvais compositeur du monde” :: Helena Tyrväinen
Every composer's home should have one... A Karttunen, that is (interview with sellist Anssi Karttunen) :: Minna Lindgren
Being a composer in Finland – an Ostrobothnian perspective :: Pehr Henrik Nordgren
The symphony in Finland since 1945: a british perspective :: Guy Rickards
First performances of Finnish works in 1994
The Helsinki Biennale – a dialogue between composer and performer :: Juhani Nuorvala
Records, Reviews


Important dates in Helsinki's musical history
The popular concerts of Sibelius and Kajanus in the 1890's :: Fabian Dahlström
Well-orchestrated Helsinki (on orchestras in the city) :: Antti Pajamo
Leif Segerstam's positive Life-score - ”Just live, and it writes itself” :: Minna Lindgren
Being a composer in Helsinki – Helsinki notes :: Jouni Kaipainen
Opera in Helsinki – from travelling repertory companies to the new opera house :: Antero Karttunen
The Sibelius Week – Finland's oldest music festival :: Paavo Helistö
Veijo Varpio's Helsinki Festival – art on the wings of spectacle :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Helsinki Biennale 1981–95 :: Heikki Valsta
”Helsinki has it all” – city of music education and research :: Anu Karlson
A melting pot of jazz generations (on jazz life in Helsinki) :: Jari Muikku
The musical tastes of Helsinki's young – postmodernism and national culture :: Jaana Lähteenmaa
A home for pluralism and crossover arts :: Riitta Pietilä
Helsinki, driving force in Finnish choral life :: Kari Turunen
Index 1994


Editor-in-chief: Antero Karttunen

The following is a list of main articles.


The many faces of the yoik :: Heikki Laitinen
Ralf Gothóni – a chamber musician to the core :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Being a composer in Finland – an aquatic lament :: Eero Hämeenniemi
Sibelius, Germany and Karajan :: Robert Layton
Antigone – Väinö Raitio's magnum opus :: Kimmo Korhonen
And how does the avant-garde feel this morning? – composers Einojuhani Rautavaara and Paavo Heininen answer :: Tapani Länsiö
Post-war Finland – popular music recovers from the war :: Pekka Gronow
Reviews, Records, News


Armas Järnefelt – refined pre-Karajan of the north :: Martti Haapakoski
Toivo Kuula – songs for the Finns : Antero Karttunen
Right from the heart (on Kuula's Songs) :: Risto Nordell
Toivo Kuula: Purjein kuutamolla (voc + pf score)
Jukka Tiensuu's Tokko (for male choir) :: Tapani Länsiö
Being a composer in Finland – Brouwer, Sibelius, Wegelius and cultural identity :: Jyrki Linjama
Pekka Pohjola – music speaks without words :: Vesa Sirén
Olli Mustonen – the pianist as magician :: Minna Lindgren
VIVO – From foolhardy idea to national symphony orchestra :: Anu Karlson
The ”Lahti phenomenon” – perspective from a distance :: Herbert Glass
New works at the Tampere Biennale :: Kimmo Korhonen
Happenings, Books, Records, News


Star moments at the Helsinki university hall :: Seija Lappalainen
Uuno Klami's Kalevala Suite :: Pehr Henrik Nordgren
Being a composer in Finland :: Usko Meriläinen
Japanese pianist Izumi Tateno – charmed by the silence of Finnish nature :: Anu Karlson
Homegrown is the byword in Naantali this summer – 15 years of the Naantali Music Festival :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Soprano Karita Mattila is in no hurry – ”I've got a feeling this is all still just the beginning” :: Outi Paananen
East is east and west is west, and in conductor Tuomas Ollila they meet :: Antti Pajamo
The fiddler's apprentice – ten years of folk music education at the Sibelius Academy :: Pirkko Kotirinta
The fiddler's master – twenty years of training and research at the Folk Music Institute :: Pirkko Kotirinta
News, Records, Summer festivals, Letters to the editor


Ernst Mielck – Max Bruch's favourite pupil :: Erkki Salmenhaara
Switched on – electronic music under the wing of Yle :: Jukka Ruohomäki
Did Finland's IRCAM miss The boat? :: Andrew Bentley
Cantus Arcticus (on Einojuhani Rautavaara's composition) :: Lauri Otonkoski
Being a composer in Finland – dialogue with a hypothetical interviewer :: Harri Wessman
Primarily practical – Sibelius Academy conducting class aims at musicianship :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Conductor Sakari Oramo – another pupil of the Sibelius Academy conducting class embarks on an international career :: Antti Pajamo
New Helsinki Quartet – bonded together :: Minna Lindgren
Tutti Frutti (on Finnish rock music) :: Ilkka Mattila
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Index 1993


Editor-in-chief: Antero Karttunen

The following is a list of main articles.


A dream come true (on the new opera house) :: Walton Grönroos and Jorma Uotinen
The history of Finnish opera IV – the modern opera breakthrough and the flowering of Finnish opera :: Hannu-Ilari Lampila
Conductor Jussi Jalas :: Olavi Lehmuksela
The Damask Drum – one opera of two worlds (on Paavo Heininen's opera) :: Lauri Otonkoski
Matti Salminen, bass giant :: Antti Pajamo
Today's students – tomorrow's stars, guaranteeing the future of Finnish opera (on opera education) :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Jean Sibelius and The Tempest :: Erkki Salmenhaara
The National Opera moves – the curtain goes up :: (photo selection)
Finnish Masters of alien music traditions :: Hannu Tolvanen
Finnish opera on record – a discography :: Martti Haapakoski
Reviews, Happenings, News, Records


The history of Finnish opera III – after independence; Finnish opera goes international :: Hannu-Ilari Lampila
The late 1960s and early 70s at the Finnish National Opera – versatile singers and an expansive repertoire :: Jussi Törnwall
1975 and the Finnish opera miracle :: Tero-Pekka Henell
Leo Funtek – man who was a whole conservatory :: Martti Haapakoski
Kim Borg, father of the Finnish bass tradition :: Antero Karttunen
The National Opera moves – the new house rises from the depths :: (photo selection)
The Finnish National Ballet – an energetic, lithe young beauty :: Irma Vienola-Lindfors
Einojuhani Rautavaara as opera composer :: Anne Sivuoja-Gunaratnam
Opera without the soap – the mass media provide the composer with an electrifying challenge :: Olli Kortekangas
Musical character spotting – the Leitmotiv in Finnish film music :: Pekka Jalkanen
Reviews, Happenings, News, Records


The history of Finnish opera II – Wagner-mania leads to a new opera company :: Hannu-Ilari Lampila
Hanna Granfelt – from Cherubino to Turandot :: Antero Karttunen
The 1920s – the first golden age at the Finnish opera :: Pekka Hako
Leevi Madetoja's The Ostrobothnians – an Opera about freedom :: Erkki Salmenhaara
Oskar Merikanto, the composer who captured the hearts of the people :: Pekka Hako
The Savonlinna Opera Festival – from Aino Ackté to Jorma Hynninen :: Auli Räsänen
Monica Groop, mezzo-soprano, travels on wings of song :: Ainomaija Pennanen
The National Opera moves – a parting look backstage :: (photo selection)
Finland's scientific music libraries :: Maija Suhonen
Public libraries and Finnish Music :: Heikki Poroila
Archives of recorded music in Finland :: Pekka Gronow
Jazz archives record the history of Finnish jazz :: Ainomaija Pennanen
The Finnish Music Information Centre – at your service :: Pekka Hako
Reviews, Happenings, News, Records


The history of Finnish opera I – opera and the national awakening :: Hannu-Ilari Lampila
Alma Fohström, Finland's Metropolitan pioneer :: Antero Karttunen
Aino Ackté – prima donna and nationalist :: Anu Karlson
Aarre Merikanto's opera Juha :: Seppo Saari
Orchestra brings the story to life (on Merikanto's Juha, interview with conductor Ulf Söderblom) :: Ainomaija Pennanen
The National Opera moves – the glitter of bygone years :: (photo selection)
Bergman's grand synthesis (on Erik Bergman's opera The Singing Tree) :: Jouni Kaipainen
An exploratory journey into musical movement (on Veli-Matti Puumala's music) :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Raoul Björkenheim – under the volcano :: Jari Muikku
Reviews, Happenings, News, Records
Index 1992


Editor-in-chief: Antero Karttunen

The following is a list of main articles.


A musical history of independent Finland (milestones) ::
Finnish popular music – what makes it specifically Finnish? :: Pekka Jalkanen
A living tradition – the story of Finnish-American music :: Simo Westerholm
From pathos to professionalism – 20th century Finnish choral music :: Kari Turunen
It's a man's world... A shot in the arm for male voice choirs (on the Polytech Choir) :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Period instruments, yes – authenticity, no way! :: Minna Lindgren
Reviews, Happenings, News, Records


The string quartet during Finland's period of independence :: Kimmo Korhonen
Yrjö Kilpinen – Finland's answer to the Liedtradition :: Antero Karttunen
Empathy is the artist's tool. Jorma Hynninen – baritone and festival director :: Pekka Hako
Wartime sounds (on music in Finland during the Second World War) :: Pekka Gronow
Music at the front (during the Second World War in Finland) :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Jukka Linkola – from jazz, via the stage door :: Matti Tuomisto
Viewpoints on orchestration – talks about texture (on electronics in works by Kaija Saariaho and Magnus Lindberg) :: Tomi Mäkelä
Magnus Lindberg – changing style (an interview with the composer) :: Tomi Mäkelä
Reviews, Happenings, News, Records


Finnish through and through – Kullervo by Sibelius (advertisement of the first performance, review extracts) ::
The Finnish symphony since independence :: Kimmo Korhonen
Music in medieval Finland in the light of church painting :: Irma Vierimaa
Treasures of the Helsinki University Library – the late-medieval hymnary manuscript from St. Olaf's church at Kalanti :: Ilkka Taitto
The symbiosis of church and folk music :: Jukka Louhivuori
Let's not forget organists (on Lahti organ festival) :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Musical style and quality serves the message (on church music, interview with Kaj-Erik Gustafsson) :: Markku Kilpiö
Songs of praise – orthodox liturgical singing and its role in Finland :: Hilkka Seppälä
Singing high and loud – in search of the Karelian sound (on Värttinä and their special vocal sound) :: Riitta Pietilä
Reviews, Happenings, News, Records


What is 'Finnish' in Finnish music? :: Mikko Heiniö
The orchestra – encumbrance or enthusiasm? :: Tomi Mäkelä
Friendly contestants (on the Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Helsinki Philharmonic) :: Minna Lindgren
The Tapiola Sinfonietta – Espoo orchestra needs time and tender care :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Music for the sheer love of it (on Finnish chamber orchestras) :: Ainomaija Pennanen
The Big Band – a living Dinosaur :: Tapani Tommola
Paavo Heininen wins Bergman Prize :: Minna Lindgren
Canto di Natale (Christmas Song, score) :: Paavo Heininen
Trumpetist Jouko Harjanne – orchestral musician and soloist in harmony :: Aarne Toivonen
Ordering a world of opposites (on Jukka Tiensuu's Puro and Jouni Kaipainen's Carpe Diem!) :: Lauri Otonkoski
Reviews, Happenings, News, Records
Index 1991


Editor-in-chief: Antero Karttunen

The following is a list of main articles.


Erik Bergman and 1950's Finnish modernism :: Kimmo Korhonen
Sam Vanni – pioneer of abstract art (on Vanni's illustrations to the article above) :: Erik Kruskopf
Letter from the USA – celebration of individualism :: Jerome Barry
Erik Bergman – a half century of living choral history :: Pekka Sipilä
Tom Krause – the mysterious mystical light :: Heljä Angervo
Four scenes from a life (on musician and composer Heikki Suolahti) :: Lauri Otonkoski
Marjut Tynkkynen – the loneliness of the long-distance accordion player :: Minna Lindgren
Discovering the accordion :: Matti Rantanen
The Accordion Institute in Finland :: Sari Kavala
Edward Vesala – the sound and the fury :: Jari Muikku
Reviews, News
+ CD give-away


Joonas Kokkonen – symphonist :: Pehr Henrik Nordgren
Joonas Kokkonen's opera The Last Temptations :: Mikko Heiniö
Lahti Symphony Orchestra – the city's very own :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Osmo Vänskä mounts the podium :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Tempo markings in Sibelius' Tapiola (copy of a letter from the composer to Artur Rodzinski)
Die Piltti – a Finnish nightingale in 1930s Germany :: Leena Nivanka
Turku Music Festival – striving for quality :: Antti Häyrynen
Up front: Kimmo Hakola's String Quartet :: Lauri Otonkoski
The tale of the Finnish cello :: Varpu Siirala
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (on composer/professor Erkki Salmenhaara) :: Pekka Hako
On dance and music :: Tiina Suhonen
Finnish Gold – and Platinum (on record sales) :: Pekka Gronow
News, Records, Books


The birth of a genre – radiophony in Finland :: Risto Nieminen
Centre for Art and Computer Technology in Espoo – a Finnish IRCAM? :: Ainomaija Pennanen
Ondine – Finland's new international record company :: Heikki Valsta
Ralf Gothoni – don't pigeon-hole the pianist :: Matti Tuomisto
Marea by Magnus Lindberg – beauty of structure, richness of expression :: Lauri Otonkoski
Avanti! Chamber Orchestra :: Minna Lindgren
Music in Kokkola :: Paavo Helistö
...provided that the norm is humanism :: Anders Eliasson
The new wave of Finnish folk music :: Hannu Tolvanen
Towards a music of the 1990s :: Kimmo Korhonen
Young talents in Finnish jazz :: Matti Konttinen
News, Happenings, Reviews, Books


Aulis Sallinen – seeking the truth in performance :: Mikko Heiniö
Reviewing the eighties – the rise of Finnish new music :: Kimmo Korhonen
Tutte le corde – the classical guitar in Finnish music :: Esko Virtanen
In the shadow of war (on Einar Englund's Second Symphony and Erik Bergman's Burla) :: Lauri Otonkoski
An orchestra of birds and bears (on Helsinki Junior Strings) :: Minna Lindgren
Clarinetist Kari Kriikku in spring-time Paris :: Paavo Helistö
Striving for unique expression :: Per Nørgaard
Composer officer Thomas Byström – a breath of classicism in the North :: Seija Lappalainen
Three heroes – the electric guitar in Finland (Hasse Walli, Jukka Tolonen, Albert Järvinen) :: Pekka Gronow
Reviews, News, Records
Index 1990


Editor-in-chief: Antero Karttunen

The following is a list of main articles.


Roots – Sibelius, Finland and the town of Hämeenlinna :: Antero Karttunen
Sibelius, Finland and the symphonic idea :: Mikko Heiniö
The national and international Sibelius :: Joonas Kokkonen
The early chamber music of Jean Sibelius :: Fabian Dahlström
”I've got some lovely themes for a violin concert” :: Minna Lindgren
The concerto that holds a record – the Sibelius violin concerto: Discography :: Martti Haapakoski
Voces Intimae – das Streichquartett op. 56 und die Gattungstradition :: Friedhelm Krummacher (in German)
The fourth symphony: a state of mind (with Esa-Pekka Salonen, Jukka-Pekka Saraste and Leif Segerstam) :: Ainomaija Pennanen
On the symphonic poems by Sibelius :: Veijo Murtomäki
On the nature of Sibelius's late style :: Veijo Murtomäki
How to sing them - some thoughts on the interpretation of Sibelius's songs :: Kim Borg
”Höstkväll” – two versions? :: Robert Keane
The piano music of Sibelius :: Erik T. Tawaststjerna
The Helsinki University Library collection of Sibelius manuscripts :: Kari Kilpeläinen
A biography akin to the life of its subject: Erik Tawaststjerna's monumental biography of Sibelius completed :: Kalevi Aho
Catalogue of Sibelius monographs 1906–1989 :: Maija Suhonen
Works of Jean Sibelius 1892–1929 (diagram) :: Antero Karttunen


Rautavaara's Vincent – not a portrait (on Rautavaara's opera) :: Anne Sivuoja
Concertante chamber music in the 1920s – birth of a new genre :: Tomi Mäkelä
Craftsmen and apprentices – new principal Erkki Rautio aims to foster traditional musicality at Sibelius Academy :: Matti Tuomisto (incl. short note by Ralf Gothóni)
Sound is a beautiful thing :: George Crumb
Counting the steps with Ulrika Hallberg, prima ballerina :: Maritta Alander-Valtonen
Carolus Enckell – Artist of the Year at Helsinki Festival 1990) (art)
Ethnic heritage and cultural exchange (on Hasse Walli and Asamaan) :: Hannu Tolvanen
News, Records, Happenings, Reviews


Reviving the musical vernacular (on music education in Finland) :: Anu Karlson
Jorma Panula, conductor, pedagogue - ”The conductor is an instrumentalist: his instrument is the orchestra” :: Matti Tuomisto
To be or not to be? (on being composer or musicologist ):: Mikko Heiniö
Mikko Heiniö – composer and analyst of the postmodern age :: Kimmo Korhonen
The world according to an orchestral musician, the flautist Petri Alanko :: Minna Lindgren
Composing for the Tapiola choir :: Olli Kortekangas
At my age... :: Erik Bergman
Turku Musical Society 200 years :: Fabian Dahlström
Finland's first Master of jazz – saxophonist Jari Perkiömäki :: Matti Konttinen
News, Reviews, New Works, Records, Happenings

+ a special issue in French


Editor-in-chief: Antero Karttunen

The following is a list of main articles.

4/1989 – RECORDS

The recording industry in Finland – a brief history :: Pekka Gronow
The past two decades on records (on Finnish serious music) :: Antero Karttunen
Finnish records 1989 :: Risto Nieminen
Finnish records – jazz :: Matti Konttinen
12 records of Finnish folk music :: Paavo Helistö
The Swedish [label] BIS and Finnish music :: Martti Haapakoski
Stage or studio? :: Esa-Pekka Salonen
Recording Sibelius :: Riitta Seppälä
Aulikki Rautawaara – discography :: Pekka Gronow
Kim Borg – selected discography :: Riitta-Liisa Lampela
Paavo Berglund – discography :: Heikki Valsta
Martti Talvela – discography :: Heikki Valsta
Tom Krause – selected discography :: Eeva Hirvensalo


The Grammar of Dreams – Focus on Kaija Saariaho :: Lauri Otonkoski
On the evolution of music :: Karlheinz Stockhausen
”What? Something new again!” - a composer's thoughts on the creation of a standard repertoire:: Jukka Tiensuu
Ernest Pingoud – the cosmopolitan in Finnish music :: Erkki Salmenhaara
Robert Kajanus, father of the Finnish orchestra, :: Matti Vainio
Erik Tulindberg, Viennese classicist of the far North :: Ilkka Oramo
Medieval Latin chant manuscripts – the neglected musical treasury in Finnish archives :: Ilkka Taitto
Juhana Blomstedt – Artist of the Year at Helsinki Festival 1989) (art)
News, Happenings & Reviews


Archipelago :: photos by Rita Jokiranta
Aspö-Erik (on the archipelago fiddler) :: Hans Borgström
From ”The Death of a Poet” to ”The Knife” (on reshaping verse into drama) :: Veijo Meri
The music of The Knife (on Heininen's new opera) :: Paavo Heininen
The view from Europe – Eeva Koskinen, violinist :: Eeva Hirvensalo
The accordion in Finnish folk music: ”Do not dance to the screeching, insidious accordions. Burn them” :: Ilkka Kolehmainen
Matti Rantanen, apostle of the Finnish accordion :: Paavo Helistö
Monastery moods :: Arvo Pärt (written up from notes by Caterina Stenius, Pentti Ritolahti and Kalevi Kuosa)
Die Rautawaara – the Countess (on legendary singer Aulikki Rautawaara) :: Sini Rautavaara
News, Happenings & Reviews


A composer of moods – Focus on the composer Kalevi Aho :: Kimmo Korhonen
After ”The Schorched Garden” - an interview with choreographer Jorma Uotinen :: Tiina Suhonen
Against apathy – Anssi Karttunen's thoughts on the cello, playing, music, and the meaning of life... :: Lauri Otonkoski
”To come into contact with others” :: Henri Dutilleux (written up by Eeva Hirvensalo)
The clarinet in Finnish folk music :: Paavo Helistö
The Malmstén brothers (on Georg and Eugén Malmsten, the bright singing stars of the thirties) :: Pekka Gronow
Traditional values in a modern light (on musician Seppo 'Baron' Paakkunainen) :: Jari Muikku
News & Reviews


Editor-in-chief: Antero Karttunen

The following is a list of main articles.


Black hole by numbers (on the state of contemporary music) :: Lauri Otonkoski
The state and standing of new music in Finland in the 1980s :: Paavo Heininen
Post-modernism – an approach to contemporary Finnish music :: Mikko Heiniö
The singer who came in from the cold – Focus on the soprano Soile Isokoski :: Martti Haapakoski
Surrounded by ”Isms” – Impressionism in Väinö Raitio's symhponic poems of the 1920s :: Ismo Lähdetie
In the spirit of German Lied – Jean Sibelius: op. 50 :: Gustav Djupsjöbacka
The road to mental music :: Joonas Kokkonen
Music in Turku castle :: Fabian Dahlström
Scene & Heard, Reviews


Inter National – Focus on the composer Eero Hämeenniemi :: Risto Nieminen
Music and nationality – who is a Finnish composer? :: Ilkka Oramo
Yrjö Kilpinen – the Morgenstern period :: George L. Buckbee
The demand for quality – an interview with cellist Arto Noras :: Minna Lindgren
An extremely precise concept :: Vinko Globokar
The great comic songwriters :: Pekka Gronow
Cover Story (a selection of cover art from sheet music published by Fazer Music)
Artist of the Year at Helsinki Festival 1988 :: Leena Luostarinen (art)
Happenings, New Works, Records, Scene & Heard


A portrait of the artist at a certain moment – Focus on the composer Einojuhani Rautavaara :: Mikko Heiniö
”The Fire Sermon” (on Rautavaara's piano sonata) :: Juhani Lagerspetz
TOIMII Acts! (on the Toimii Ensemble) :: Risto Nieminen
”Ascensus”, an aleatory frustration for six composers (a poem dedicated to the Toimii Ensemble):: Pentti Saaritsa
The early years of Finnish rock :: Hannu Tolvanen
Music in performance & its study :: Kari Kurkela
”Where the future of music is concerned, I'm an optimist” (on contemporary music):: Witold Lutoslawski (written up by Iza Lewenstam)
As I hear them (a selection of Finnish chamber music) :: Seppo Kimanen
Poles apart: two sides to the Finnish musical summer :: Lauri Otonkoski
Scene & Heard, Reviews


A review of Finnish organ-building :: Asko Rautioaho
Maija Lehtonen, organist – Young Artist of the Year
Kantele – new life for Finland's national instrument :: Hannu Saha
The singing feather (on a flute invented by Matti Kähönen) :: Lauri Otonkoski
A short keyboard history – Finnish keyboard building 1460–1900 :: Fabian Dahlström
Affordable quality – the secret of success for Finnish pianos :: Anu Karlson
Field – Line – Point: Focus on the composer Usko Meriläinen :: Harri Suilamo
Musician as mirror? – an interview with pianist Eero Heinonen :: Eeva Hirvensalo
Eyes of fire – Paavo Berglund, conductor :: Tero-Pekka Henell
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Index 1987


Editor-in-chief: Antero Karttunen

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The 1920s – fresh breezes from Europe :: Veikko Helasvuo
The heroic 1950s – lines in focus :: Kari Rydman
A voice from the 1980s :: Magnus Lindberg
The jazz invasion :: Matti Konttinen
The last refuge of the tango :: Pekka Gronow
Minimalism in Finland :: Juhani Nuorvala
”Don't forget artistic intuition” – an interview with Tuomas Haapanen, new principal of the Sibelius Academy :: Tapani Länsiö
The universe within us – focus on the composer Jukka Tiensuu :: Risto Nieminen
Composer – Conductor, Leif Segerstam :: Gustav Djupsjöbacka
Five free-pulsative mosaics (”In his own write”) :: Leif Segerstam
Anna-Maija Korsimaa – girl next-door with clarinet :: Paavo Helistö
All in the family – an interview with the young baritone Petteri Salomaa :: Anu Karlson
Happenings, Records, New Works
Artist of the Year at Helsinki Festival 1987 :: Tapio Junno (art)


The story of the Finnish choir – social institution and human instrument :: Markku Kilpiö
Jean Sibelius: Op. 84, unknown songs for male voice choir :: Matti Hyökki
Thoughts on Erik Bergman (on Bergman's choral music) :: Eric-Olof Söderström
Religious works by Joonas Kokkonen :: Seppo Murto
In the vanguard of Finnish choral music – the 25 years of the Radio Chamber Choir :: Matti Kilpiö
The key to Kalevi Aho (on Aho's one-act scenic monologue The Key):: Eero Tarasti
Tradition and change – two aspects of Finnish youth choirs (on Cantores Minores and the Tapiola choir) :: Anu Karlson
Short on snow, long on music – the Finnish summer (on summer music festivals) :: Paavo Helistö
Focus on the composer Pehr Henrik Nordgren - ”Everything is permissible” :: Jouni Kaipainen
Toivo Kuula – Finland's tragic romantic :: Erkki Salmenhaara
Selected discography of Finnish choral music :: Martti Haapakoski
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The two versions of Sibelius's tone poem ”En Saga” :: Nils-Eric Ringbom
Where is Finland? (graphics, photos)
The world according to the musicologists – a selection of columns:
- National and unpretentious :: Karl-Johan Hansson
- Towards the wider world :: Eero Tarasti
- Profound humanist values :: Mikko Heiniö
- Finding – and correcting – cultural distortions :: Timo Leisiö
- Structural change and reforms in Finnish music research :: Ilkka Oramo
Musicologist and humanist – Erik Tawaststjerna, the interpreter of Sibelius's inner voices :: Eero Tarasti
Modest Mussorgsky under the orchestrator's knife :: Kalevi Aho
A pair of composers and collectors – Ilmari Krohn and Zoltan Kodály :: Paavo Helistö
Flutist Mikael Helasvuo, orchestral musician, teacher, soloist :: Lauri Otonkoski
Reviews, Happenings
Index 1986

+ one special issue in Japanese


Editor-in-chief: Antero Karttunen

The following is a list of main articles.


”The vital importance of technique” – The chamber music works of Joonas Kokkonen :: Timo Mäkinen
Finnish chamber ensembles (presentations of some of them) :: Eeva Hirvensalo
Erik Bergman and Orpheus :: Paavo Heininen
Piae cantiones – a remarkable monument :: Fabian Dahlström
”Regulated order is sometimes inhuman” – Focus on the composer Jouni Kaipainen :: Risto Nieminen
Thoughts on being a composer :: Jouni Kaipainen
Joiku – songs in Samiland :: Timo Leisiö, photos by Matti A. Pitkänen
They call it the Kuhmo spirit (on the Kuhmo chamber music festival) :: Tuija Hakkila
Highlights of contemporary Finnish chamber music :: Kauko Karjalainen
New Works, Records, Scene & Heard


Sibelius and Busoni – the two Leskovites :: Erik Tawaststjerna
Einar Englund, modernist and traditionalist :: Mikko Heiniö
Things happen that way – the Toivo Kärki Story :: Pekka Gronow
Wonderland (photographs of dance floor traditions in the Finnish countryside) :: Reijo Porkka
”The calculation of prosesses is a source of inspiration” – Focus on the composer Magnus Lindberg :: Risto Nieminen
Cellist Martti Rousi, on the brink of his career :: Minna Lindgren
”Ich habe zu reden. Ich hebe die Hände.” (an interview with conductor-composer Esa-Pekka Salonen) :: Lauri Otonkoski
Karita Mattila, the Finnish soprano – career can wait :: Auli Räsänen
Guitarist Timo Korhonen, not afraid of challenges :: Seppo Siirala
Olli Mustonen, the growing wunderkind :: Petri Sariola
1500 km for the sake of music – scenes from the Sibelius Academy's youth section :: Paavo Helistö
New Works, Happenings, Scene & Heard
Artist of the Year at Helsinki Festival 1986 :: Outi Heiskanen (art)


Opera in Finland – besieging the opera bastion
The King goes forth to France – new opera by Aulis Sallinen :: Rimma Kosacheva
Finnish opera without Sibelius? – a foreigner's view :: George Buckbee
Leevi Madetoja's The Ostrobothnians – an opera about freedom :: Erkki Salmenhaara
The voices of the Finnish National Opera (introducing a selection of soloists) :: Auli Räsänen
Paavo Heininen – composer, cosmopolitan, controversialist :: Jouni Kaipainen
Duet for two worlds (composer's thoughts) :: Eero Hämeenniemi
Going up on stage – an interview with Jaakko Ryhänen :: Lauri Otonkoski
Crusell, composing clarinettist :: Fabian Dahlström
Books, New Works, Records, Happenings


The Sibelius Academy, yesterday and today :: Ellen Urho
The Finnish music college system :: Aarre Hemming
The position of music in Finnish schools :: Pirkko Partanen
Professors' question-time (short interviews with professors Erkki Rautio, Matti Lehtinen, Enzio Forsblom, Jorma Panula, Liisa Pohjola, Einojuhani Rautavaara, Tuomas Haapanen, Pekka Salomaa, Kai Karma, Ilkka Oramo, Eero Heinonen) :: Lauri Otonkoski
Ears, fingers and Juhani Lagerspetz (interview with the pianist) :: Petri Sariola
Oulunkylä Pop/Jazz Institute – breaking new grounds :: Jaakko Tahkolahti
Kaustinen – the town full of music :: Paavo Helistö
Aarre Merikanto – a battered genius :: Harri Suilamo
”Blow it out and I will light again” – Aarre Merikanto's mutilated study and its reconstruction :: Paavo Heininen
Reviews, Records
Index 1985


Editor-in-chief: Antero Karttunen

The following is a list of main articles.


Sketches for an orchestral portrait (on orchestras in Finland) :: Marcus Castrén
The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra :: Kalevi Kuosa
Recordings by the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra :: Helena Ahonen
”At the moment the computer and I belong together” (an interview with Kaija Saariaho) :: Risto Nieminen
Sallinen's orchestral music :: Ronald Weitzman
Jukka-Pekka Saraste – professional musician :: Lauri Otonkoski
French colouring in a Bothnian landscape – Comments on the orchestral works of Leevi Madetoja :: Jouni Kaipainen
Great aaks from little acorns grow... – the Jean Sibelius Violin Competition, 1965–1985 :: Veikko Helasvuo
The development of the Finnish violinist :: Leena Siukonen-Penttilä
Three pathfinders of orchestral conducting – Kajanus, Schneevoigt, Järnefelt :: Nils-Eric Ringbom
Two pioneers (on Avanti! and the Central-Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra) :: Tiina-Maija Lehtonen
Top Finnish Big Bands (on Tapiola/Espoo Big Band and UMO) :: Matti Konttinen
”A certain kind of look, all blue” – Jean Sibelius, as seen by his daughter Margareta Jalas :: Antero Karttunen
Sibelius's eight symphony – an insoluble mystery – Part II :: Erik Tawaststjerna
Seen and Heard, Reviews, Records
Artist of the Year at Helsinki Festival 1985 :: Ulla Rantanen


Finland's national treasure – the Kalevala :: Pekka Lounela
The Kalevala in Finnish music :: Eero Tarasti
Kalevala – the Estonian perspective :: Veljo Tormis
Uuno Klami and the Kalevala :: Erkki Salmenhaara
The folk tradition in Finnish jazz and light music :: Matti Konttinen
Rune-singing, the musical vernacular :: Heikki Laitinen
Yrjö Kilpinen :: Kim Borg
Thomas – Analysis of the tone material :: Einojuhani Rautavaara
Towards a less rigid notion of tradition (on the position of Kalevala today) :: Olli Kortekangas
Sibelius's eight symphony – an insoluble mystery – Part I :: Erik Tawaststjerna
Happenings, Reviews