On composing and beyond

by Anu Ahola, Kimmo Hakola, Sebastian Hilli, Heikki Laitinen, Usko Meriläinen, Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen

In this Special Feature, FMQ launches a new series of columns where composers and other music makers write about their music. We also re-publish some treasures from our archives, and present highlights from a 13-part documentary series produced by the Society of Finnish Composers.

Listening to the mind

Columns by Kimmo HakolaPublished 13 Dec 2018

What do I hear, how do I hear?

Columns by Minna LeinonenPublished 13 Dec 2018

The archaic is avant-garde

Columns by Heikki LaitinenPublished 13 Dec 2018

Freedom within limits

Columns by Sebastian HilliPublished 13 Dec 2018

Composing or producing?

Columns by Valtteri Laurell PöyhönenPublished 13 Dec 2018