Sebastian Fagerlund - portrait of a composer from Europe in 2017

by Merja Hottinen, Biëlla Luttmer, Pekka Hako

A composer residency in Amsterdam, an opera premiere in Helsinki, commissions all over the world. An exploration of the work and music of Sebastian Fagerlund paints a portrait of a composer in Europe 2017: aiming high, probing deep, with a bold and open mind.

Autumn Sonata - between the real and the unreal

by Merja HottinenPublished 04 Sep 2017

Soundscapes on the lanes of Amsterdam

by Biëlla LuttmerPublished 04 Sep 2017
Fagerlund's Autumn Sonata - rehearsal in August 2017
Sebastian Fagerlund on his opera Autumn Sonata
Highlights of Sebastian Fagerlund's music