Kaija Saariaho 70

by Anni Heino, Marjo Heiskanen, Anu Jormalainen, Juha T. Koskinen, Lasse Lehtonen, Susan McClary, Kaija Saariaho, Olli Virtaperko

FMQ Special Feature 3/2022 joins the celebration of Kaija Saariaho’s extraordinary career and creative output by addressing the various facets of her work and the impact it has had on musicians, musicologists, composers, and audiences. Saariaho – or Kaija, as many of the writers of this Special Feature refer to her – represents an inspiration and a trailblazer: a composer of extraordinary music and a creator of new aural worlds; but also a teacher, a colleague, a friend, an incisive thinker, and a mother.

Featured photo: Lasse Lehtonen (a detail from "Liisan taikahuilu" by Kaija Saariaho)