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FMQ 2018 printed issue is here!

by FMQ

The FMQ 2018 printed issue is now published and on its way to the subscribers! If you're not a subscriber, from 15 December on you can purchase a copy of this issue on our website. ​

The FMQ 2018 printed issue - with graphic design by Minna Luoma and illustrations by Vesa-Matti Juutilainen - consists of a big compendium of items published during the year, plus some new content that will be online later this year.

The first thematic section of this issue focuses on the role of music in building communities on the one hand and specialised, music-based communities on the other. The second thematic section is about a selected handful of music-makers who represent the rich diversity of music as an artform. In the third section we take a look at the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, and the fourth thematic section discusses the long shadow cast by the wars of the 20th century and their aftermath on the work of composers and music in Finland.

We hope that this issue offers food for thought and valuable insights, as well as enjoyment!

Download or buy the issue here ( > Printed Issues).