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Hear us out – playlists with music of Finnish minorities

by Anna Dantchev, Désirée Saarela, Saara-Maria Salonen, Anette Åkerlund

As in any country on earth, there are multiple music cultures in Finland. Each stems from its own unique tradition and from the identity of its creators, but they are also in touch with the modern world. This playlist compilation focuses on four traditions: Finland-Swedish folk music, Sámi music, Finnish Roma music and Global music in Finland. The playlists were compiled by representatives of the respective cultures.

FMQ Playlist: Sámi music

by Saara-Maria SalonenPublished 30 Jun 2022

FMQ Playlist: Global music in Finland

by Anna DantchevPublished 30 Jun 2022

FMQ Playlist: Finland-Swedish folk music

by Désirée SaarelaPublished 30 Jun 2022

FMQ Playlist: Finnish Roma songs

by Anette ÅkerlundPublished 30 Jun 2022