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Defunensemble at G Livelab - 360° VIDEO

by FMQ

Watch defunensemble's concert from the G Livelab, Helsinki, as a 360 degree video.

Defunensemble performed works by Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish composers in a concert on 8 November at the G Livelab, Helsinki. The concert was part of the Nordic Music Days 2018. FMQ provided the concert on its YouTube channel as a 360 degree video. 

The programme:

Asta Hyvärinen (FI): Tone Hazard
Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi (NO): An Ode to a Tree
Jan Martin Smørdal (NO): All Play
Christian Winther Christensen (DK): Four Hyper-Realistic Songs for Quintet
Joakim Sandgren (SE): objets saisis
Itzam Zapata (FI): Glitch or the Aesthetic Failure

To watch 360-degree video on YouTube, all you need is a mobile device or desktop computer. You can explore the video in all directions with a few simple gestures.

  • On desktop, you can click and drag with a mouse or click the arrows in the upper left corner of the screen. The feature is supported on Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
  • On a mobile device (Youtube App recommended), you can drag your finger across the screen or move it around in different directions.

[The concert starts at 16:50 min.]

Should your browser not support the 360 version, you may also watch the video here:

Read more about the ensemble in the article "defunensemble: uneasy listening" by Wif Stenger published by Music Finland. 

Featured photo: Marco Ehrhardt

Defunensemble celebrates its 10th anniversary by organising a festival d(x)e on November 29 to December 3, 2019. See the festival programme here.