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Don’t let the name fool you

by Jan-Erik Holmberg

"While this hard-swinging combo is stylistically firmly rooted in the past, the delivery is rather fresh."

Nowadays it sometimes seems that the new mainstream of jazz is to not be mainstream. That is, everybody is trying to be as different as possible, and do their own thing.

Drummer Toon Verheyen obviously believes in continuing, and building on, the tradition. 

The cover of this debut album captures a skyline with a skyscraper, a rare sight in Helsinki, but yes, there are a handful of high rising buildings in the capital. And don’t let the name fool you either. Verheyen is born and raised in Finland.

With the seasoned players Manuel Dunkel and Mikko Helevä, the younger, Verheyen, and Mexican-born guitarist Hector Lepe revisits the hardbop and soul jazz of the 60s.

In addition to seven tasty originals by Verheyen, a fast take on You and The Night and The Music is included. While this hard-swinging combo is stylistically firmly rooted in the past, the delivery is rather fresh.

Manuel Dunkel, tenor saxophone
Mikko Helevä, Hammond organ
Hector Lepe, guitar
Toon Verheyen, drums