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And Quiet Flows The Tape

Reviews by Santeri KaipiainenPublished 11 Aug 2023

Timeless pelimanni music with fire and dedication

Reviews by Amanda KaurannePublished 25 May 2023

Aural world that is artfuly lo-fi and uncluttered

Reviews by Kevin Le GendrePublished 13 Apr 2023

Lötjönen’s dazzling jazz circus

Reviews by Wif StengerPublished 23 Feb 2023

Quiet philosophy of the everyday

Reviews by Auli Särkiö-PitkänenPublished 07 Dec 2022

Wild music to dance away the darkness

Reviews by Henna SaloPublished 01 Dec 2022

Silence between the notes

Reviews by Balázs WeyerPublished 04 Nov 2022

Yoik and choir collaboration without borders

Reviews by Saara-Maria SalonenPublished 22 Sep 2022

Charting a musical map of the Nordic countries

Reviews by Lasse LehtonenPublished 16 Aug 2022

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