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It’s all Dark

by Jan-Erik Holmberg

"Dalindèo plays instrumental, but still political jazz on this theme album."

The music sounds surprisingly dark – but then, it should. The titles reveal the story; Fake News, Follow the Dark Money, Merchants of Misery, Treasure Islands

Two books, Nicholas Shaxson’s Treasure Islands about tax havens, and Jane Meyer’s Dark Money were the eye-openers and inspiration for guitarist and composer Valtteri Laurell PöyhönenDalindèo plays instrumental, but still political jazz on this theme album.

Pöyhönen founded Dalindèo over fifteen years ago. The sextet has released four albums, the EP Dark Money being their fifth (almost) album.

The band has evolved quite a lot over the years, from happy-go-lucky dance floor jazz via 60s Finnish urban nostalgia to these conceptual, mainly highly chromatic, and even psychedelic pieces. Yet, the sextet has not lost the groove, the curious somewhat lo-fi -inspired sounds, or the solid melodic merits. It's just all dark now.

DALINDÈO: Dark Money

Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen: guitar, synthesizer, Wurlitzer
Jose Mäenpää: trumpet
Pope Puolitaival: tenor saxophone, flute
Rasmus Pailos: percussion, electronics
Pekka Lehti: bass
Jaska Lukkarinen: drums
Jimi Tenor (guest): tenor saxophone

Suomen Musiikki KHYDG102