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Disorienting Forest Cover Soundscapes

by Riikka Hiltunen

"Violinist Meriheini Luoto creates a space, builds a soundscape and disorientates the listener."

Sometimes it feels simply impossible to write about experimental music – it must be experienced. Violinist Meriheini Luoto, with the sequel to her praised Metsänpeitto album (2007), creates a space, builds a soundscape and disorientates the listener. The music is recorded with binaural technique, which results to three dimensional sound sensation, and the album is advised to be enjoyed with headphones. 

On this album knowledge about the concept affects strongly the listening experience. Metsänpeitto means literally forest cover. According to Finnish folklore, when being covered by forest, people could lose their sense of space and time even on familiar grounds. There are moments of fear and panic, but also beauty in these aural images. Luoto explores sounds and spaces with her violin and voice, and is accompanied by wooden flutes, violins, percussions and voices by her fellow musicians. 

The musician’s background is in folk music, which can clearly be heard especially on Metsänpeitto VII. When performed live, the musical piece transforms each time, and this spring it will be performed also with Tapiola Sinfonietta, adapted for a violin and chamber orchestra.

MERIHEINI LUOTO: Metsänpeitto 2

Meriheini Luoto: solo violin, voice
Maija Holopainen: violin, voice
Noora Kauppila: voice, wooden whistles, percussion
Minna Koskenlahti: solo percussion, wooden whistles, voice
Tiina Louneva: violin, voice
Iida Savolainen: viola, violin, voice, percussion
Mirva Soininen: voice
Mirva Tarvainen: violin, voice

Meriheini Luoto, 2019