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The Kantele Day – Dynamic, modern, and persistently national

by Heidi Henriikka MäkeläPublished 04 Oct 2023

Discords in the national melody

by Hanna IsolammiPublished 14 Mar 2017

Free the Kalevala from Finnishness!

Columns by Kimmo HakolaPublished 28 Feb 2017

Representing ethnicity in music

Columns by Lari AaltonenPublished 25 Jan 2017

30 years of music in Finland

by Susanna VälimäkiPublished 29 Sep 2014

What is “Finnish” in Finnish music?

by Mikko HeiniöPublished 13 Mar 1992

The national and international Sibelius

by Joonas KokkonenPublished 15 Sep 1990

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