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Crossing the ocean - Musica nova Helsinki 2019

Reviews by Merja HottinenPublished 15 Feb 2019

Musica nova Helsinki 1–10 Feb 2019: Don’t miss these

by Auli Särkiö-PitkänenPublished 24 Jan 2019

The virtuoso pianist's choice

Reviews by Anna PulkkisPublished 05 Dec 2018

The Rumble of Christmas

Reviews by Martin AndersonPublished 21 Dec 2017

Still very much alive

Reviews by Jan-Erik HolmbergPublished 04 Dec 2017

The Nature of Nostalgia

Reviews by Juha TorvinenPublished 16 Nov 2017

The poet of the opera

by Matti TuomistoPublished 19 Sep 2014

Guitarist, catalyst

by Juha TorvinenPublished 18 Sep 2013

Finnish nature and dazzling sun

by Jaani LänsiöPublished 12 Jan 2013

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