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Multiple modes of music education in Nepal

by Lari AaltonenPublished 05 May 2017

Composing is for everyone

by Anu AholaPublished 13 Apr 2017

Music education in the Sámi homeland

by Tove DjupsjöbackaPublished 07 Feb 2017

Conceptions of gender in music education

by Heidi HorilaPublished 07 Oct 2016

Learn music around the clock

by Heidi HorilaPublished 06 Apr 2016

Democracy in the music education of the future

by Tuulikki LaesPublished 05 Apr 2016

Broader perspectives in teaching music

by Elina RomsPublished 01 Apr 2015

Music for life

by Timo KlemettinenPublished 01 Sep 2006

The land of music playschools

by Mari KoppinenPublished 01 Sep 2006

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