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Strong as ever

Reviews by Petri SilasPublished 15 Dec 2017

The heavy meta of Teppo Mäkynen

Reviews by Petri SilasPublished 15 Dec 2017

Dazzling and furious passion

Reviews by Jaani LänsiöPublished 16 Nov 2017

Emotionally powerful tailor-made pieces

Reviews by Mats LiljeroosPublished 16 Nov 2017

Coherent kaleidoscopes

Reviews by Martin AndersonPublished 16 Nov 2017

The empress strikes back

Reviews by Tove DjupsjöbackaPublished 21 Sep 2017

An impressive one-woman-show

Reviews by Riikka HiltunenPublished 21 Sep 2017

The legacy continues

Reviews by Petri SilasPublished 08 Jun 2017

Tüür’s Integration  of Energies

Reviews by Martin AndersonPublished 17 May 2017

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