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The role-playing contemporary guitar

Reviews by Anna PulkkisPublished 04 Jun 2020

An Abundance of Aho

Reviews by Martin AndersonPublished 04 Jun 2020

Aho’s Animal Vigour

Reviews by Martin AndersonPublished 05 Dec 2018

Meditations of a librettist

Columns by Maritza NúñezPublished 22 Mar 2018

Music in illo tempore

by Antti HäyrynenPublished 14 Feb 2018

Emotionally powerful tailor-made pieces

Reviews by Mats LiljeroosPublished 16 Nov 2017

Expressive versatility

Reviews by Mats LiljeroosPublished 05 Oct 2016

Finnish opera is alive and well

Reviews by Lauri KilpiöPublished 01 Oct 2016

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