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Accordion with a twist

Reviews by Tove DjupsjöbackaPublished 31 Jan 2018

The empress strikes back

Reviews by Tove DjupsjöbackaPublished 21 Sep 2017

Innovative noise box

by Amanda KaurannePublished 24 Aug 2017

Head-spinning – mind-clearing

Reviews by Jaani LänsiöPublished 09 Oct 2016

Shared roots

by Amanda KaurannePublished 06 Apr 2016

New directions with a firm basis in tradition

by Mika KauhanenPublished 01 Dec 2005

Art music for the accordion

by Harri KuusisaariPublished 15 Sep 2003

Kimmo Pohjonen and vanguard accordion

by Petri SilasPublished 01 Dec 2001

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