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Jukka Iisakkila - the baton, the guitar and magic

by Petri SilasPublished 14 Sep 2018

Portraits of a guitarist-curator

Reviews by Juha TorvinenPublished 25 May 2018

Sensitivity and sense of intimacy

Reviews by Fiona TalkingtonPublished 31 Jan 2018

Rocketing guitarists

Reviews by Juha TorvinenPublished 27 Nov 2015

Raoul Björkenheim - One foot in each world

by Jan-Erik HolmbergPublished 18 Sep 2013

Guitarist, catalyst

by Juha TorvinenPublished 18 Sep 2013

Les Six strings

Reviews by Juha TorvinenPublished 18 Sep 2013

Lutherie beyond national

by Timo ÖstmanPublished 18 Sep 2013

Faster, higher, stronger

by Mika KauhanenPublished 18 Sep 2013

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