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Rauno Nieminen: Back to the Future

by Simon BroughtonPublished 12 Apr 2024

Gothic folk-rock and poignant jouhikko ballads

Reviews by Wif StengerPublished 17 Nov 2023

Rap aesthetics with soil under the fingernails

Reviews by Tove DjupsjöbackaPublished 10 Feb 2022

From runo roots to the UZone lair

Reviews by Simon BroughtonPublished 14 Apr 2021

A unique voice and brilliant jouhikko playing

Reviews by Riikka HiltunenPublished 13 Aug 2020

Finding the sound of the jouhikko

Columns by Ilkka HeinonenPublished 19 Dec 2019

Pluck those strings, play that bow - kantele and jouhikko

by Tove DjupsjöbackaPublished 30 Sep 2019

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