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Old tales, new sounds

Reviews by Martin AndersonPublished 30 Nov 2021

Concert venues in all shapes and sizes

by Santeri KaipiainenPublished 16 Jun 2021

Classical world pulling through – concerts here and abroad

by Auli Särkiö-PitkänenPublished 20 Nov 2020

Music industry and climate change - it's time to act!

by Riikka HiltunenPublished 25 Oct 2018

Finnish landscapes, family likenesses

Reviews by Martin AndersonPublished 25 Jan 2018

Flowing flute virtuosity

Reviews by Anna PulkkisPublished 06 Oct 2016

Expressive versatility

Reviews by Mats LiljeroosPublished 05 Oct 2016

The sky’s the limit

by Jaani LänsiöPublished 28 Jun 2016

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