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Playlist: Kaija Saariaho in FMQ

by FMQPublished 27 Oct 2022

My teacher Kaija Saariaho: ”Five Miniatures”

Columns by Juha T. KoskinenPublished 27 Oct 2022

Kaija Saariaho, Mater

by Susan McClaryPublished 27 Oct 2022

From the Echoes of Dreams: A poem for Kaija Saariaho

by Marjo HeiskanenPublished 27 Oct 2022

Charting a musical map of the Nordic countries

Reviews by Lasse LehtonenPublished 16 Aug 2022

Transcendence and transparency

Reviews by Martin AndersonPublished 30 Nov 2021

Clarity of expression, through the mist

Reviews by Kare EskolaPublished 08 Jun 2021

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